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We would love to collaborate! Let’s work together and reach greater goals. Looking for a way to promote your brand, product or country to other travelers? We can do that for you via our Social Media Channels and website. Sponsored blogs, Press Tours or something else? You’ve come to the right place. With a unique monthly visitor total of 12,000+ and monthly pageviews of 20,000+, Flip Flop Wanderers is the perfect medium. We are very active on Social Media and have more than 115,000 followers. A collaboration with us, therefore, guarantees a wide reach. We are open to any form of collaboration, as long as it fits our brand and target audience.

Visit our Press page to see who’s talking about Flip Flop Wanderers, examples of our work and all our other publications around the web.

Why Work With Us


We create quality content with professional writing and photography and a unique personal touch to share on our blog and social media platforms.


Our audience is grown organically and is inspired by our adventures and experiences. They follow us on our path as a travel couple around the globe and trust in our advises and recommendations.


All those years chasing our passion for photography and travel writing has paid off. We developed great SEO writing and photography skills. We also know exactly how to aim a good story, and articles on Flip Flop Wanderers will be read for years to come.

Our strength lies in the fact that we are relatable, tell authentic stories, and keep everything real.

What We Can Offer

  • Social Media Promotions
  • Content Creation for your brand (photo / video)
  • Press Trips
  • Sponsored blog content
  • Reviews on: Accommodations, Restaurants, Activities, Products, Apps, etc.
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Advertisements
  • Contests & Giveaways
Bram and Manon kissing on the edge of a pool at Ostraco Suites in Mykonos, Greece
Bram and Manon in a swimming pool at Templation hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia


You can also hire us for a variety of services:

  • Content creation (photography, text writing, photo/text editing) for your brand or website.
  • Social Media Management: With over 5 years of experience in all things social media, we can help you set up a social media account for your brand. We will help you focus on reaching a big audience and getting more engagement. Contact us for our monthly packages.
  • Website design: with plenty of experience in website building and coding, we can create the perfect website for your brand!
  • Photo editing: we’ll happily edit your brand’s photos in our style. Also see our Photo Editing Service.

You can see examples of our freelance work on our Press page.

Ready to work with us?!

Our Audience

Flip Flop Wanderers readers and followers consists mainly of young men and women who love to travel. They are between the age of 18 and 44 years.

TRAVEL – All of our readers often travel internationally. Most of them aspire the nomad lifestyle.
DIGITAL LIFESTYLE – Because our audience is pretty young, they all live a lifestyle with lots of technologies.
PHOTOGRAPHY – Our readers love to preserve memories of all their travels and like to become more professional with photography.


Stats November 2020


Want to discuss the possibilities for a collaboration or get more information? Just email us!

You can also request our Media Kit for more information on our reach, demographics and what we can bring to a project.

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Ready to work with us?!

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