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Goodbye craftwork from the childcare where Manon worked

Hi everybody,

Just an update about the preparations for our trip.

Thursday I (Manon) had my last working day at the daycare center. A double feeling, because I have always had a good time at the location where I worked.

After returning from our previous world trip around the world, I started at Korein kinderopvang in July 2015. I started there in the flex pool, which I also enjoyed doing. I could always work a lot and saw many different locations from which I learned plenty.

Then, in October 2015, I was offered to work in Best for 16 hours a week. I thought it would be great to have a fixed location, so I gladly accepted that offer. 16 hours was very little, but I was promised that I could always work some more. And that wasn’t a lie, because I have been able to work a lot of hours here for a year. I got to know my colleagues and the children better and better. I actually immediately felt at home there, I really ended up in a warm nest. It clicked super with colleagues and I noticed that I was appreciated there.

And then the children … how happy they always were when I came to work, how much I was able to teach them, but how much I learned from them .. Yes, I can say that in a year’s time I got a good relationship with the kids.

Now, a year later, I am going to miss the children and my colleagues immensely! And I have already noticed that the children are going to miss me too, because some could not stay away from me the last day haha.


I look back with pleasure on this fun time, in which I learned a lot. On the one hand, I would like to continue working there, but at the same time it is of course one step closer to our world trip. And that’s what it’s all about now! And hopefully in Australia I will also find work in a nice childcare center where I will enjoy it 🙂


Then another update: My IELTS test! Unfortunately I have to do it again, pff… I achieved all the parts listening, reading and writing, and for reading I even achieved an 8.5, but only for speaking I have 1.5 points too little 🙁 You would say, then can’t you put that 1.5 point of reading with speaking? No, that is not possible, I cannot use my average of a 7.5! I really have to get an 8 for it. And no, I can’t just redo the speaking part, I have to do the whole test all over again! So I was really disappointed by this. Anyway, nothing can be done about it now. I have decided to do my next test in Perth, because it was all full in NL and his way I can prepare well. So, wish me luck for my next test!


For the rest everything is actually organized already. A few final appointments, such as the doctor, dentist and hairdresser and especially saying goodbye to everyone! For example, we have 2 photo shoots in the planning with our families (they are so scared that they no longer know what we will look like after a few months;)) and several more days out! All nice things, but the best thing is:

We will be leaving in two weeks already!



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Nina October 17, 2016 - 1:46 pm

Ik ga jullie avontuur zeker volgen, hartstikke interessant!

Maria Zijlker October 30, 2016 - 1:29 pm

Jullie kennen mij niet maar wij wel jouw ouders Manon en ook wij leven erg met jullie en je ouders mee en hopelijk vind je het niet erg dat wij ook graag jullie mooie avontuur willen volgen,de prachtige reis/foto’s en verhalen van een dapper jong stel dat over de wereldbol reist.
Heel heel veel plezier en goeie reis.
Groetjes,Martin en Maria Zijlker.


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