The Perfect Travel Gift Idea: Off the Map Jewellery

by Flip Flop Wanderers

There are moments in life that you just want to remember forever! For example, that awesome trip around the world you made, or a special country you visited. Or maybe you want to give someone special something which will remind them of you while they are leaving for a longer time, or you just want to wish them good luck.

We found that perfect gift! Off the Map Jewellery focuses on those who love adventure, and because of their own experiences, they came up with some awesome jewellery that fits this lifestyle. We love the jewellery so much, that we just had to share it with you 🙂

Travel and Jewellery Experience

The founder of Off the Map Jewellery, Stevie, loves to travel the world. After and in between some amazing travels she worked as a jewellery designer and has 20 plus years experience in the business. Many adventurers like to have some lucky charm or piece to remember their awesome journey or their home while being away, and inspired by this Stevie started Off the Map Jewellery. 

All the pieces are made in Stevie’s own workshop in Hove, the United Kingdom, and Off the Map Jewellery consists of a small team of only 3-4 people. This makes it even better because you can expect that your jewellery gets real personal attention!

Besides focusing on travellers and globetrotters, they also focus on the environment and fair-trade so they made sure that the materials that are used are environment-friendly from sources that they trust. No buying in cheap crap from China and selling it at an inflated price! Only real, honest materials!

It Suits Us!

We love this concept, and also that it’s called ‘Off the Map’, because, as you guys know, we always love to visit hidden places that are not touristic at all. That’s why this brand fits perfectly with us! We now carry our own pieces from Off the Map Jewellery with us around the world. Bram wears this necklace of the South East of the world, where we have spent the last two years of our travels and are still now. It’s a great reminder of our time there!

Manon wears this ‘Keep Safe’ bracelet with some meaningful signs etched into it. The sun to celebrate earth and nature, a footprint for that’s all we leave behind, a compass to guide our way, the @ sign to don’t forget those @ home and you can also engrave your initials! I choose to engrave my own initials, MVO, but you can choose whatever initials you want to engrave.

We absolutely love these pieces and are happy we came across Off the Map Jewellery. It will keep our travel memories alive and we always have a lucky charm with us 🙂 Oh and even if you don’t wear jewellery, Stevie has something for you, like a lucky talisman for your bag.

So if you are looking for a gift or a memento we would recommend to check out their website, I’m sure they have something that fits you perfectly!

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