10 Travel Couples You Need to Follow on Instagram

by Flip Flop Wanderers

Go get them HERE!Since we are a couple that loves nothing more than to travel the world together, we also really enjoy following other travel couples on Instagram who we can relate to. For this article we asked some of our favourite travel couples to share with us a little bit about themselves, their travels and how they keep the love alive while traveling – because sometimes that can be a bit challenging! All of the following Instagrammers are traveling the world with a fellow partner by their side and experience the most awesome adventures together. Some only just fell in love with each other, others have a long-term relationship already. The things that they do have in common: they all travel the world for long periods of time and are absolutely in love with the world and each other! Hopefully we can inspire you with this list of the most amazing travel couples you need to follow!

1. @double.occupancy

Carla and Guil are an American/Brazilian couple based in Miami. They have dual citizenship with Brazil and the U.S., and often travel between the two to visit family. 

Why we love them:

Their photos are always so natural and give us the real travel feeling. I’m sure that we would get along really well if we would meet one day!

Where and how did you guys meet?

We met in high school but only began dating five years later. (Guil was actually Carla’s high school crush!) We began hanging out again when Carla moved down to Miami for her first job out of college, and before we knew it, we were planning a trip around the world together.

How long are you traveling together already?

Fast-forward three years and we’re on a trip of a lifetime. We’ve been traveling for the past eight months together. In September 2017, we left everything behind — including our full-time jobs — to backpack around the world. We began our trip with two months in Europe. Then we headed down to South America, where we spent four months backpacking through Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Now you can find us in Southeast Asia!

Do you have tips for keeping the love alive while traveling?

Traveling together for such a long time is definitely not easy! It’s important to know when to give each other space. Sometimes all you need is a bit of personal time to refresh your mind and soul. It’s also important to keep calm in stressful travel situations. Learning to work together toward a single solution is key, rather than letting stress get the best of you and bickering your way to no solution. The last tip would be to not sweat the small stuff, and focus on the present. Be grateful for every moment of such an exciting adventure. Don’t let meaningless arguments get in the way of this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Followers: 9.514 Website: http://double-occupancy.com

2. @mapping.along


Sam and Yass are a couple of travelers in their mid-twenties from Montreal, Canada. After finishing university and working in their respective fields for a little bit, they needed a change and decided to buy a one-way ticket to Vietnam. Sam is actually an aerospace engineer and Yass has a degree in marketing. Because they’re both passionate about photography and sharing their travels, they decided to start an Instagram page as well as a blog to have a place to document all their adventures.

Why we love them:

Look at their photos! We absolutely love their editing style and their adventures! We can completely find ourselves in the answer to the last question!

Where and how did you guys meet?

We met at the beginning of high school, about 12 years ago now and have been dating for 8 years.

How long are you traveling together already?

We set off on this adventure on August 30th 2017 so at the time of writing this, it has now been about 8 months! We don’t have a return date and we’re currently in Australia on a working holiday visa. We plan on staying here and working for a few months before continuing on our travels.

What’s the best thing about traveling together?

Traveling with someone who knows you so well is just amazing. We have so much fun together, and we’re definitely on the same page about places to visit and our style of travel. For example, we know lots of people who wouldn’t want to wake up for sunrise and drive 4 hours on a motorbike to go shoot photos of waterfalls but we both agree that it’s the kind of adventure that’s worthwhile! We also love having each other to lean on and to share all the intense emotions we live while traveling.

Followers: 13,1k Website: https://www.mappingalong.com

3. @wediditourway

Carine and Derek are two Canadians who left winter behind to travel the world and discover all the wonders it has to offer, for as long as they can. They push each other to go beyond their comfort zone and complete each other in the best possible ways. They’ve always done things their way, so they quickly knew the 9-to-5 grin wasn’t for them.

Why we love them:

They left their cold country to chase the sun, something that sounds pretty familiar to us! The photos they share just scream happiness!

Where and how did you guys meet?

It was a beautiful spring day in May 2010. We met through a friend who thought we would be a good fit. She threw a hockey party (back when the Montreal Canadians were good and had actually made it to the playoffs). It was all a pretext for us to meet. We actually hit it off right away and started dating. The rest is history. We got married 5 years after we started dating.

How long are you traveling together already?

We’ve been traveling full-time for over 7 months but actually started traveling together a few months after we started dating. We’ve always loved seeing the world together and we have pretty similar traveling styles so it’s always been fun. For the last 7 and a half months, we’ve been traveling through Asia and Oceania, meeting incredible people, learning about exciting cultures, trying different foods and truly immersing ourselves in this life-changing experience.

What’s the best thing about traveling together?

Being able to share all these crazy, funny, unbelievable moments together. These are memories we will cherish and remember forever. And who else do you want to be creating these moments with than your tag team partner? We also love the support we are able to give each other during the tough times, as well as to see each other grow. This has been the second best decision we’ve made in life. The first one was getting married to each other.

Followers: 4.324 Website: https://www.wediditourway.com

4. @wanderersandwarriors


Hey! We’re Charlie & Lauren, a free spirited travel couple originally from the UK. After growing up in a small town, we soon came to realise that we were not made to stay in one place. We were made to wander! So now, we combine our sense of humour, love of travel and passion for life to explore the world.

Why we love them:

We love their kind of humor! You should definitely check out their account and watch their stories too (if you weren’t already doing so). Also, they live in Bali at the moment, how cool is that?!

Where and how did you guys meet?

It’s funny, we actually went to the same school. We lived in the same town and had many mutual friends, but had never once spoken to each other. Our paths crossed one day in our local shopping centre, having both returned from separate trips, and of course we got straight onto the topic of travel.

How long are you traveling together already?

We’ve been on the road nearly a year now and have no plans of stopping any time soon.

What is the best thing about traveling together?

The best thing about traveling as a couple is exactly that – having your special someone to share all of these life changing experiences with!
It’s amazing on your own, but it’s unbeatable with your soulmate.

Do you have tips for keeping the love alive while traveling?

For us we try to keep one night a week for ‘date night’ where we’ll switch off and go for a pizza or watch a movie on the laptop. It’s vital, as amazing as seeing the world is, to remember what’s most important and for us that’s each other!

Followers: 73,1k Website: https://wanderersandwarriors.com

5. @alwaysaroundtheworld_com

Kelly and Nanet are originally from the Netherlands, but are now traveling the world for already one year! They are always looking for challenges. This is why they cycled over 3.000 kilometers in Iceland (this was their first cycling trip ever and people literally declared them crazy, but they did it!). They also survived 6 months during winter in Lapland. During temperatures of -40C they took care of more than 200 huskies in Finland and as you can imagine, for that they had to be outside all day!

Why we love them:

These fellow Dutchies told us they love warm weather, although their last travels make you think otherwise. But now they have found the warmth and are currently exploring Singapore. We have so much respect for their adventures! We mean, how cool is cycling through Iceland and taking care of huskies?!

Where and how did you girls meet?

We met 4,5 years ago, but we can’t really remember how. We were in a small café in Rotterdam and both totally wasted. We just remember the moment we went home and swapped phone numbers. The next morning, we continued apping and that same evening we planned our first date. Yep, with a big fat hangover! We could only talk about our previous trips we made to destinations all around the world and the click was there.

How long are you traveling together already?

Within 2 weeks since we met we booked our first holiday together and went surfing on Lanzarote. We fell in love both with each other and with traveling together. So, we decided to plan our trip around the world, which started a year ago. We love it. Traveling is freedom for us.   Kelly is always searching for new places to discover and Nanet hops behind her and takes the pictures. We are both real dreamers and sometimes we can barely believe that we experience things for real!

What’s the best thing about traveling together?

The best thing about traveling together is sharing. We share all our adventures and experiences. We understand each other. Sometimes when we tell other people our stories they don’t understand our LOL or our fear. But we experienced it together and we understand what we mean. Sometimes we only need to look at each other to burst out laughing.   Another amazing thing about traveling together is that you learn more about each other. In our “previous lives”, when we worked over 50 hours a week at the office we just knew we worked in the direction we studied for. But since we are traveling we developed other interests like marketing. This is why we set up our online business to create an online income while traveling. If we never took the step to go on this trip, we would have never discovered this opportunity.   Besides that we believe that we are a very good team. We always support each other in every decision we make. At some points we are very similar, but in other points we are very different. This makes it possible to travel together and to always have one of us who takes the lead in difficult situations.

Followers: 9.543 Website: https://www.alwaysaroundtheworld.com

6. @travelmonster.nl


Mark and Judith are from the Netherlands and love to travel. They are very passionate about travel & lifestyle and love to inspire others to see all the beauty this world has to offer. They just have a lot of fun sharing that with the world. They are currently working as Director and Sales Manager with a background in Sales, Marketing and BI. They started their photography and videography about when they started traveling and have been trying to improve their skills ever since.

Why we love them:

They have a lot of photos from the Philippines, which makes us a bit jealous sometimes haha, but next year we’re going to visit these paradise islands too, so it’s good to get some inspiration out of their photos!

Where and how did you guys meet?

We met each other in Tilburg in a bar. Mark did send in a friend of his who arrived late. He got the assignment to engage and convince Judith he was a dolphin trainer. He failed miserably but I guess the spark was there.

How long are you traveling together already?

We are traveling for 6 years together and have improved upon the length and how special our trips were every time. We are still thinking about either a world trip or ways to travel 6 months every year.

What’s the best things about traveling together?

The best thing is that memories can’t be put into cash. It’s just worth it building that collective memory and meanwhile growing even closer. I think it makes any couple a lot stronger. We recommend it to everyone.

Followers: 30,8k Website: https://travelmonster.nl

7. @lostitalianos

Diana & Marcin are just two polish kids who on their first date shared some travel ideas over a couple of beers. They are both 27 and both pharmacists who really don’t like their job!

Why we love them:

The places they visited like Australia and New Zealand are some we absolutely love too! And the photos they take are amazing!

Where and how did you guys meet?

We were studying together and met during our second year when we shared a Molecular Biology course (romantic, we know!). At first we were just college buddies as we were both in different relationships at that time. It wasn’t until our last year that we spontaneously decided to give it a go. The timing wasn’t the best as after the first month of a relationship Diana was already scheduled to go to Lisbon for one semester. Marcin ended up visiting for almost a month and this was the first trip that we ever took together. Lisbon is still our favourite city!

How long are you traveling together already?

At first we were just dreaming about going to Thailand. Then we though it would be a great idea to hang around SE Asia for a while. And then we figured that actually Australia and New Zealand would be pretty close too (?) and this it how the idea of the round the world trip was born. It took us almost two years to save up enough money for this dream of ours. During that time we also got married and decided to make it our honeymoon trip!   Now we have been travelling non stop for over 7 months! But before the big trip we had visited some European cities together and took a trip to Sri Lanka where Marcin proposed.

Do you have tips for keeping the love alive while traveling?

It was never a challenge for us to be together all the time (maybe because first time of our relationship was long distance and we missed each other like crazy!). It is actually harder to maintain peace in our relationship when we don’t see each other. ? But still travelling is often tough on a relationship because being on the road isn’t always nice and easy and there is a lot of stressful situations. What we find important is not being over sensitive and to always try to understand other person even if they are being unreasonable or even a little harsh. We tend to not focus on the problems and we always have each other’s backs. After all, we are not only husband and wife, but we are also best friends. We see each other in different situations also and we don’t necessarily look pretty during those so it is also nice to dress up for each other from time to time and schedule something like a date. We both believe that travelling together is one of the best tests for the relationships. After all crazy stuff that we have been through we feel like nothing can come between us.

Followers: 8.050 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DiankaWlochu/

8. @moments_of_yugen


Paulina and Pedro are a couple of wanderers and dreamers, living the life to the fullest. Exploring the world and living the digital nomad life since almost 4 years together

Why we love them:

Paulina and Pedro share a lot of tropical and beautiful shots, especially from Bali! We love the vibes their Instagram gives us, so this is definitely a must follow!

Where and how did you guys meet?

We met in Barcelona, our favorite city in the world. Paulina just moved and Pedro was there already for 7 years. We met via Couchsurfing 🙂

How long are you traveling together already?

It’s been 3 years since we traveled together for the first time. Our first destination was Paris. Currently we are on the road already 6 months exploring south east asia 🙂

What is the best thing about traveling together?

It’s all about sharing the happiness, sharing the special moments in a daily life, supporting each other and inspiring to go further ?

Followers: 57,8k Website: http://momentsofyugen.com

9. @thesoaringeagles

Brooke and Caleb decided to travel the world, left their jobs in sales and as an artist and took off around the world for the last 6 months. 

Why we love them:

This couple also left the 5-9er to live the good life, just like us, sharing great photo’s along the way. We especially love their photos from Sri Lanka and Thailand!

Where and how did you guys meet?

We met in college through mutual friends. We have been together for 6 years and married for 5 years in June!

How long are you traveling together already?

We have been traveling for the last 6 months. We wanted to get more than 3 weeks of holidays a year, we wanted the flexibility to work the hours we wanted and from the locations we could only dream of…together.  So we decided to make a change and start working towards the life we wanted.

What is the best thing about traveling together?

Being together all the time. Of course there are challenges but we feel closer now than we ever have.

Followers: 9.474 Website: http://thesoaringeagles.co

10. @wandermoods


Mark & Zahira live on the tropical island Curaçao. They both lived in Holland but didn’t knew each other back then. Mark was born and raised in Holland and grew up in Rotterdam. Zahira was born and raised in Curaçao. But short after that she moved to Holland. In 2013 they both decided to move to a tropical place and without knowing each other at all. They ended up in Curaçao living the island life.

Why we love them:

Our first long trip was to Curaçao which was not the last, and we love it there so much that it feels like a second home, we could easily live there. And that’s exactly where these guys are based, so you can imagine why we immediately loved them!

Where and how did you guys meet?

We have met each other here on this beautiful tropical sunny island. And since then we are a couple. We are both really into traveling and exploring new places. Both of us are working. Zahira works as a creative coordinator for an art gallery and Mark is a optician. (To go more into details I met Mark when I needed new glasses ?) In our free time we love to explore the island. We love going to the beach with friends and just enjoying the island life here.

How long are you traveling together already?

At the moment we are not traveling a lot because we are saving some money to go to Bali and Thailand. We are planning to stay there a couple of months and if we like it we will decide whether we stay or come back to Curaçao. Although Curaçao will always be our home. We love it here so much, we have met so many wonderful people here and just love the vibes here on the island.
In June we travel to Holland for 2 weeks to visit family and friends. Can’t wait to see everyone again.

What is the best thing about traveling together?

We have traveled a lot in the past. Mark visited Brasil 6 times and Zahira traveled to China a couple years ago. These are just some highlights. We both have seen a lot of the world already. Unfortunately we didn’t met each other earlier. I think we would have had so much fun traveling together to those places.
But in the meanwhile we have also traveled together. The best thing about traveling together is being able to explore places we both love. We consider ourselves a team. We do everything together. That’s what real soulmates are for. Another great thing about traveling together is that you learn so much more about each other. Traveling is the best way to understand the world around you and the beautiful people who live on it.

Followers: 13,5k

11. @flipflopwanderers

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