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by Flip Flop Wanderers

One of our biggest passions is traveling! You probably already noticed that when you scroll through our blog, or if you have been following us on Instagram. We travel all the time and we often get the question: how can you afford it? Working hard is the quick answer, but even more important: save on your travels as much as possible to be able to keep traveling longer. 

One of the biggest expenses during our travels is accommodation. We always look for the best deals, we usually go for cheaper hotels instead of luxurious ones. BUT we recently discovered Travel Smarter. It is a platform where you can save up to 65% upon accommodation. How? You can read all about it below.

What is Travel Smarter?

Travel Smarter is a booking site that will get you some of the best deals! On the website, you can find many accommodations for discount prices, cheaper than all the other booking sites. All prices are transparent and the site also shows the prices of the big bookings sites. We compared the prices that they display and they are pretty accurate. 

Save or Upgrade?

With the money you save on accommodation you can do some extra activities. If you are a budget traveler, you probably go for the cheap accommodations and cheap restaurants. But what if you can stay for the same price you normally pay for a budget room out of the city center, in a more luxurious place in town? Would you save the money so you can do some awesome stuff, or have a nice dinner? Would you just save it, or would you use it to travel a bit longer? Or would you upgrade your hotel?

How Is It Possible?

Travel Smarter cuts out the middle man and doesn’t take a cut in the deals that are sold via their website, and no booking fees. Almost all booking sites and agencies take a percentage of the deal and usually charge a booking fee. That percentage is often between 30 to 50%! Without charging this amount of money you can save a lot. But what is in it for Travel Smarter? Travel Smarter will charge a monthly membership fee of $9,97. This is the only fee you have to pay, and it doesn’t matter how many bookings you make. Not convinced yet? You can try it out for 1 month for free!

Are There Any Cons?

On the website are especially many hotels listed in big cities, but if you look for lesser known places you have fewer options with Travel Smarter. But if you go to popular places you have plenty of options which we couldn’t find for less. Also, some accommodations might not be listed on Travel Smarter, but you might find a more luxurious one for the same price. Another side note on the displayed prices of the competitors that this is the price without discount or deals. Other booking sites have regular discounts and deals too, but we have not seen any better deals than on The percentage of savings might be different than displayed on Travel Smarter when the other booking site has a deal going on as well. You can always compare the prices yourself.

All in all, you can definitely save a lot of money with Travel Smarter. Even if you don’t travel a lot. You can save the money you pay for a 1-year subscription with only one or a few nights. The platform is still growing, and we’re sure that over time more and more hotels will be listed on the platform. Many of the big hotels are already in, so if you are planning your next getaway, please try the first month for free and check it out yourself.

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