Rome: the Colosseum Underground Tour

by Flip Flop Wanderers

When you think of Rome, you think of the Colosseum. It’s THE top attraction of the city, yearly 4 million people visit this historical place. The place where gladiators fought against each other and against all kind of animals. While in Rome, a visit to this place is a must.

The outside of the Rome Colosseum is really impressive, and going in will teach you a lot about the rich history. You can buy tickets and visit it yourself, but then you can only visit the first and second floors. Other parts are restricted. That’s why we chose for the Colosseum Underground tour from The Tour Guy. The tour took us through all parts of the Colosseum, including the dungeons and the arena floor, and even more ancient sights in Rome. In this blog, we will tell you about our experiences.

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Take Place on the Battle Grounds

Our first visit of the tour were the grounds on which many people have fought bloody battles till the death. Via the Gates of Death, we made our way to the Arena floor of the colosseum. The feeling when you stand there in the middle and look up and around you is incredible. This view has been the last view for many gladiators during the Roman Imperium. And that’s why the gate which we entered was called the gate of death because that was the way the bodies were carried out.

Visit the Colosseum Dungeons

Underneath the arena floor is a whole network of Dungeons. The Colosseum underground was the place where gladiators were held before the fights. It’s the place where they stored their weapons and armory, but that’s not all. To make the gladiator fights a real spectacle, all kind of wild animals were brought into the arena as well. These animals were locked up in the colosseum dungeons too.

Admire the View Like the Spectators Did

After the 2 restricted areas, we made our way to the first and second levels of the Colosseum. From these levels, you can really see how huge this arena is. The views from here are impressive, especially as you imagine that it was filled with 50,000 people cheering for the cruelties that took place here.

Where Did the Emperors Live?

When we had seen every corner of the Colosseum (which is impossible because it’s oval-shaped), we went to check out were the Roman rulers used to live. We visited Palatine Hill where you can find the ruins of a former Imperial Palace. The place is huge, and while making our way through the side, our guide told us so much about the history of this place.

Rome’s Ancient Center

Next to Palatine Hill is the center of ancient Rome: The Roman Forum. The tour guide took us through these ancient sights while giving much information about what has happened here. In this place, you can find many temples. Some of them are almost ruined and only some pillars are left, others are well preserved. It really gives you an idea of how it looked like back in the days.

This was the last stop of the tour and afterwards, we were free to roam around a bit more at the Roman forum. A great opportunity to snap some good pics.

We had a great time learning about these historical places. There are so many movies about the times of the gladiators, and finding out what it was really like back in the days was an amazing experience. When you are looking for a tour like this, we can really recommend The Underground Tour organized by The Tour Guy.

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