7 Reasons Why People Love to SUP

by Flip Flop Wanderers

A few years ago most people had no idea what SUPping was. Stand Up Paddleboarding has become a very popular outdoor activity and for good reasons! It is especially popular while doing a tour on a fun day out but more and more people love it so much that they even get their own SUP, just like us 😉 Now they can have that fun day out whenever they want. But what makes SUPping so special and why is it so increasingly popular? We tell you in this blog, where we give you 7 good reasons why people love to SUP.

1. You Can SUP (Almost) Everywhere

The only thing you need to go paddleboarding (besides your paddleboard itself) is water to SUP on. Since the surface of the Earth consists out of 70 percent of water you can do it almost everywhere. There are several different ways of SUP-ping. You can go on flat water which is the easiest way to go paddleboarding and enjoy the outdoors. If you are more an adrenaline junky you can also take your paddleboard out on the waves or wild water. There are many kinds of boards for all kinds of circumstances, like long-distance, rough waters, and waves. So before you get your board you best check out which type you want to do.

2. Inflatable SUPs, Easy to Take With You

While you can SUP almost everywhere, you still need to bring your board. If you have been SUP-ping before you probably know that these boards are huge! Length of boards vary, but the most common ones are around 3,5m long, and that’s the reason we love the SUPs so much. Our latest board is the Aqua Marina Hyper 12.6” which is 3,80 meters long.  We drive a small car and yet it fits in easily because it’s an inflatable one. It all fits in a large backpack together with a pump. We also have a partible paddle which fits in it as well. This makes it easy to take it with us wherever we want.

The new Hyper model we got is great for touring and is extra safe because of its two inflatable chambers. If it may occur that somehow the board gets damaged on the water and is losing air, you always have the second chamber to keep floating. It never happened to us so far though, these inflatable boards are sturdy and you pump them up so hard they look completely solid.

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3. Explore New Places With Your SUP

SUP-ping is a great reason to explore new places and get out regularly. It can give you that push to visit that nature area close to your home, or whatever water is close by. Or take it with you when you go away for a weekend or holiday. From your SUP, out on the water, you see things in a whole new perspective and the views are often amazing! The scenery is one of the main reasons why people love to SUP.

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4. Exercising Isn’t a Workout Anymore if You Love to SUP

They say you never have to work a day in your life if you love your job. The same goes for exercising: if you love the way of exercising. It’s known as a full-body workout because you have to balance yourself on the board to stay steady. By balancing on your board you train all your muscles. Even when you just go out touring for fun you already burn around 500 calories per hour. What’s better than doing what you love and getting in shape at the same time?!

5. Peacefulness

Imagine yourself being out on a quiet lake or river with only the sound of nature surrounding you. The serenity is amazing, you can just paddle away with only your own thoughts. SUP-ping can be very peaceful and can make you forget the rest of the world for a bit.

6. SUP Yoga

Another activity that is known as good exercise and sucking up peacefulness at the same time is yoga. What about combining the two? Yoga on a SUP requires a bit more balance so it’s even a better workout. The sound of water and nature makes it very peaceful and gives you the right setting to work on your inner self at the same time. If you want to practice yoga on a SUP you better get a SUP that is a bit wider and more steady than a touring SUP.

7. Combine With Other Lovely Activities

Besides yoga, you can combine SUP-ping with even more activities. For example, you can bring your snorkeling gear when you are out on (tropical) waters. With the leash attached to your leg, you can simply paddle out towards a good snorkeling spot and jump in. With the SUP you can reach places where you can’t go swimming and you normally need to do a snorkeling trip. We also heard people bring their fishing rod and try to catch some fish out on their SUP. Or you can pack some light gear in a drybag and go for a long tour or camp along your way. The options are endless!

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Have we convinced you yet to go SUPping? These are only a few of the reasons why many people love to SUP. Do you have more reasons? Let them know down in the comments!


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