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When you travel the world or go on holiday, it’s very nice to have some photos to look back on your trip later. If you know us a little bit, you know we capture all the magic moments because we’re really into photography. We totally understand not everyone is great with a camera and it might be hard to create great photos to hang on a big canvas in your house or make a nice photo book. We have a great solution for you to still get amazing photos: photoshoots while traveling with Flytographer. It’s a worldwide organization with local photographers all over the world. In this blog, we tell you all about them and our experience with Flytographer

What is Flytographer?

Flytographer is an organization with local photographers located in 350 destinations all around the world! All the photographers are handpicked, experienced, and know how to make you comfortable around the camera. You can easily find and book a photographer via this website. You simply search for the destination and a list of photographers in that area. You can pick your favorite and check if they are available. You can choose from a couple of shooting areas and have an amazing photoshoot in a beautiful destination.

How do the Photoshoots While Traveling Work?

After you book the photographer they will send you a list of tips for the photo shoot for what to wear and some general tips for during the photoshoot. You’ll meet the photographer 10 minutes before the photoshoot on-site and discuss your wishes. It’s a local photographer and he knows where to take the best photos. He or she will help you pose in a way that the photos look natural and they will make sure to get a big smile on your face! The photo shoot usually lasts for 1 hour.

After the shoot, the photographer will sort and edit your photos and send you the best ones within 5 working days! We, as photographers ourselves know that going through the photos and editing them takes a long time, we were really surprised with how quickly we got the photos. The photos were sent in an online gallery and you can download them in great quality to your computer and print them, or share them on your socials!

Our Experience With Flytographer

As we said, we usually do all our photoshoots while traveling by ourselves. We use a tripod for it, but having a personal photographer with you makes things so much easier! A tripod can only stand in one position before you have to move it to the next angle, and a photographer simply moves with you for the best angles and composition.

When we were in Egypt, we booked a photographer from Flytographer to do a photoshoot during our travels. In Cairo, we met with Halim and went for a shoot at the Prince Mohamed Ali Palace. The palace is a beautiful location with great spots for photoshoots inside the palace and in the beautiful garden. A little side note: when you go for a photoshoot in a paid location, like the palace, you’ll have to cover the entrance fees, it’s not included in the booking price. Halim was really friendly and we went over to the best spots immediately. He gave clear directions on how to move and pose while he kept taking photos and made us smile. It all felt so natural!

Four days after our photoshoot we already had our photos ready in the online gallery and we really liked them! We take photos almost daily, and if we do photoshoots while traveling, we usually don’t trust anyone else to take the photos because they are usually not as perfect as we like them to be, but Halim did a really great job and we love the outcome!

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If you ever want to do photoshoots while traveling we can definitely recommend checking out Flytographer and finding a local photographer in your destination. As we mentioned above, we are very critical of photoshoots but we loved it! And if you did, we would love your experience in the comments!

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