Our Experience with Nature House: Relaxing Stay in Germany

by Flip Flop Wanderers

For many people, a weekend away is the ultimate way to relax. It’s a wonderful feeling to not have to do anything for a few days, and being away from the hustle and bustle of the city and work. And what better way is there than to relax somewhere completely away from other people, in the middle of nature?! During wintertime in December, we went away for a weekend to Germany with Nature House, to completely relax for a few days and it was lovely! At Nature House you’ll find the most beautiful accommodations in nature for a guaranteed successful weekend away with peace, space, and nature around you. In this blog, we’ll tell you all about this amazing concept!

What is Nature House

Nature House is an online booking site for accommodation in the middle of nature. In a nature house, you can really escape from your daily life struggles for a while. It’s a place where you come together with friends and children to celebrate life and explore nature. From hut to villa; nature houses come in all shapes and sizes.

On the website of Nature House, you will be able to find thousands of cottages, spread over the whole of Europe, so there is a lot of choice! Look on the website to see exactly which countries and regions they are offering.

All cottages found on the website have on thing in common. They are located close to, or in the center of beautiful nature, that is waiting for you to be explored! They are usually away from the crowds and not on big holiday parks. Hosts are offering these nature houses to you and are more than happy to give you the best tips about things to do in the area of the nature house.

And you know the good thing?! For every booked night Nature House plants one tree! In this way, they ensure that our beautiful nature is here to stay for our future generations. Their goal is to plant one million trees by 2021. We love concepts like this!

Where Did We Stay

So this December we stayed in one of their Nature Houses. It was pretty hard to pick one because there is so much choice all over Europe! Eventually, we decided that we wanted to visit Germany and we chose THIS Nature House close to the famous Burg Eltz castle in Wierschem. We absolutely loved this house! We essentially had the whole ground floor to ourselves and the upper floor was from the residents themselves. On this ground floor we had our own bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and even a whole living room. And outside was a large, furnished terrace, which we, unfortunately, couldn’t use in winter.

When we arrived at the nature house, we immediately noticed that it was in the middle of nature! After driving through the middle of fields and meadows over small roads, we came into a small village where the house was very quietly situated on the edge of it. There were beautiful hiking trails close and it was right next to the dream path of 2013, Eltzer Burgpanorama. The house is also in the middle of the Moezel area which means super nice scenery!

What Did We Do During the Weekend

We had a lovely and quiet weekend away back in nature. We really needed this, as Manon had been sick for a few weeks and we had been pretty busy with moving to a new apartment in the Netherlands. So it was so nice to get away for a while and just relax! That being said, we also did some exploring in the region.

On our first day, we explored the famous Burg Eltz Castle. What a magical place! We had to walk for around 1,5 km through the forest which was already lovely and then all of a sudden this pretty castle appeared. Unfortunately, the inside of the castle was closed during winter but we still spent a lot of time taking photos from the outside there.

After this refreshing walk, we warmed up a bit at our nature house and then it was time to visit the lovely town of Cochem and experience a real German Christmas market! It was such a magical evening and the food and hot chocolate were really good!

On our second day, we had to check out already but we still explored some of the surroundings. Unfortunately, the weather was pretty bad that day as it was raining a lot. But we still drove around and made a short hike to the top of the Moselschleife in Bremm where you had an amazing view! Ok, it was pretty misty when we were there but still beautiful!

And for the rest, we just relaxed in our cute nature house! We read a book and had the best sleep in a while, so you can definitely say that we needed this weekend away!

Do We Recommend Nature House?

YES! We definitely recommend nature house! For us it was such a lovely and relaxing experience and we love the fact that you are actually guaranteed to have a house in the middle of nature. So you’ll always know for sure that you are away from the hustle and bustle of other people! Bring with that the overwhelming choice of nature houses on their website and you will always find the perfect weekend away with them! And of course, their contribution to a better planet by planting trees is an absolute plus.

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We hope you can experience a cute nature house for yourself some time as well in the future. It will guarantees a relaxing weekend away!

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This post is created in sponsorship with Natuurhuisje.nl. We received free accommodation as a thank you for our participation. This post reflects our own personal opinion.

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