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Travel Blogging Course

About three years ago, we started with our travel blog Flip Flop Wanderers. In the beginning, it was just to keep our friends and family updated, but after a while we wanted it to grow into something more. However, despite all our effort, time and money, our audience still wouldn’t grow and still existed out of that same friends and family. We realised we needed help! And that’s where the business of travel blogging course from Nomadic Matt came in. We did a lot of research on different courses that are out there, but Nomadic Matt’s course spoke to us most. It was the best decision we ever made! It’s been around 6 months now that we started with this blogging course, and we learned so much and grew a lot because of it! That’s why we want to share this useful resource with you so you can decide for yourself whether it is worth it to invest in a professional blogging course.


The Business of Travel Blogging Course

Travel Blogging

First of all, do know that learning how to start a travel blog is harder than it might seem and even harder if you want to build a successful travel blog. A lot of people think: ‘Oh, I just write some stories, put it on a blog, and people will read it!’ Well, that’s not how it works. If you want to be a successful blogger, the road will be long and hard. It just takes a while before you get traffic to your blog and then keeping this traffic coming back to your blog is even harder.

Secondly, to be a successful travel blogger, you need to have an incredible amount of skills: choosing topics, writing, photography, photo editing, videography, marketing, social media management, SEO, website design and even more! No, becoming a travel blogger isn’t only about writing, there is so much more to do!

What we want to make clear with this, is that you have to make the decision for yourself if you really want to dive into all of this. Do you really want to learn all these skills? Do you really want to put the time, effort and money into it to make this a successful business? If yes, then you should definitely go for it! 

A couple years ago, we were definitely willing to do all of this and when we realised we already possessed some of these skills, we were certain we wanted to make a business out of our travel blog and social media! That’s why the first step was to buy the professional business of travel blogging course from Nomadic Matt.

An Overview of The Business of Travel Blogging Course

Who is Nomadic Matt
Nomadic Matt Travel Blogging Course

Matthew Kepness is the founder of his budget travel blog Nomadic Matt and of the Superstar Blogging courses. There are many budget travel blogs around, but his stands outs above all of them. Without having any travel or blogging experiences, he caught the travel bug in 2005 and started traveling full time in 2006. He built his own career out of this, and became very successful! He still runs his website and made a course about how you can do this as well.

Superstar Blogging Concept

Together with expert travel writers, photographers, and videographers, Matt developed Superstar Blogging, a multifaceted school that consists out of 2 courses, teaching you all aspects of running an online website. After running it for many years he decided to reduce the amount of courses and to focus on two of his best seller courses:

  • The Business of Travel Blogging: Although there are many blogs already, the vision of this course is that there are only a few quality ones, and there is still a lot of space for many more good blogs. In this course, you can learn from Matt’s mistakes and how you can let your blog stand out from the crowds.
  • How to Become a Travel Writer: In this course you learn the art of writing with lectures from David Farley, one of US top travel writers.
Business of Travel Blogging Course

As said before, we did the Business of Travel Blogging course and we will review it in this blog. The course is all online based and includes 10 units, each containing multiple lessons. 

The following subjects are covered in the course:

  • Setting up and starting your website with some inside stories from Matt himself
  • How to build a brand and find your niche
  • How to design a beautiful website
  • All about writing engaging and viral content
  • Mastering social media
  • Network with bloggers
  • Use SEO
  • Setup newsletters and how to get sign ups for it
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating and selling your own products
  • How to partner with brands, PR and tourist boards 
Subjects Travel Blogging Course

All The Extras You Get With The Business of Travel Blogging Course

Besides the very useful information during the course, there are also a lot of extras you get which makes the course extra useful!

Those extras include:

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with Nomadic Matt where you can ask questions directly to Matt
  • Ongoing Tech Support for your website from Chris Richardson, the founder of RTW Labs
  • A community forum so you can network, engage, collaborate with, and get support from other members
  • Feedback and line edits on your blog posts
  • Opportunity Board: on this board, you can find and post great opportunities to collab with
  • Downloadable cheat sheets so you can take the course with you anywhere
  • Discounts on hosting and themes for your website
  • Travel Blogging Webinars
  • Recommended reading list: advise on which books to read
  • Expert Interviews
  • Lifetime updates so you always have the latest info

Can you believe you get this much with the course?!

Who’s The Business of Travel Blogging Course For?

The Business of Travel Blogging Course is for anyone who wants to start or who has a blog. You will learn how to set it up if you are new to blogging and you also learn how to make your blog professional, even if you have one already. The extra support you can get is very helpful.

What We Like About The Business of Travel Blogging Course

What we really love about the blogging course is that you get guided through each step very clear, without any difficult words. For a beginner, it is all easy to understand, which is exactly what we needed! Of course, you can read articles online for free on different kinds of subjects but often they have difficult terms and are hard to understand. Not with this course: easy to follow steps and much more information than you could ask for, all complete within one package!

There is literally so much information in the course and in the extras of the Business of Travel Blogging course. But not only information, you also get to see many insights from people who have been there. 

Also, we really loved that it’s not a course that just talks about blogging. Sure, the main part covers the fundamentals of blogging, but we felt that it’s more a course about becoming an online entrepreneur. It also talks about all the side hustles that come with blogging and it is so important to learn about those things too!

It is not a course that will tell you that you can set it up in no time and you never have to work again, no, they are honest, something we really value in a course! To be successful you will have to put time and energy into your blog. After a while, it will be easier, but it will cost time to be successful!

Working on our travel blogging course

What Did We Learn In The Business of Travel Blogging Course

We had already set up our blog, so we knew a lot about that already. Still, this subject was helpful to check if we were doing it right and it gave us some great advice. For example, we switched hosts and noticed this was a good step. 

Furthermore, there were a lot of subjects we didn’t know anything about yet, which was a good thing! The course learned us a lot about in which direction we want to aim our blog and we now know much better what our niche is. It also learned us how to approach with our content.

SEO is very well explained in the course and we understand it well now because of it. It is a boring subject but definitely necessary if you want to end up at the top of Google!

The course also taught us the importance of having a newsletter, which we never realised before. That’s why we started with making newsletters and set up an email list with some great automations.

The best part of the whole course in our opinion was the making money part. We understand much better now how we exactly can earn from our blog and social media and most importantly: how to market it all. We learned a lot about affiliate marketing and we’re noticing we’re really growing in this area. Also, we now know how to create our own products, like an ebook, and how to market them. Furthermore, we gained a lot of information on how we can work with tours, brands and tourism boards which will help us a lot in the future.

The Business of Travel Blogging Course is essentially a step by step guide on how to set up, run and make money from a blog. If you follow all the steps in the course and really work for it, you can’t go wrong! That’s why we really recommend this course!

What We Achieved After The Business of Travel Blogging Course

  • Our monthly unique visitors went up from 300 to over 20,000 and we are growing every day.
  • We built a good-looking, fast website that’s easy to navigate.
  • With the knowledge we got of SEO, our blogs are ranking higher and higher on Google.
  • We notice our readers love to read our blogs and we see some articles going viral.
  • We partnered up with a lot of different hotels and have some exciting collaborations with huge brands.
  • We wrote guest blogs for different kind of websites.
  • We’re earning more and more each day with affiliate marketing and advertisements.
  • We created sales funnels through our email program and are getting tons of subscribers every day into our email list!
  • We launched our own Lightroom Presets on our website and are working on much more products!
  • We started creating our own e-book.

If we achieved all of this after the course from Nomadic Matt, then you can achieve this too!

Working on our travel blogging course

Is It Worth The Investment?

In one word: YES. It really is the best travel blogging course around, with tons of information and guidance by Nomadic Matt himself. You’re not doing it alone with this course, but together with him, Chris and hundreds of other members! You essentially also get a whole community with this course, which makes it even better. 

The course pretty much guides you step by step through the process of setting up a successful blog. Of course, you still have to do the hard work yourself but having someone that takes you through each step and advises you every step of the way, is just invaluable. 

In a few months after we’ve been in the course now, we already noticed that the course is only getting better and better with new content added regularly. And the good thing is: you only pay once and get lifetime access, so once you’re in you’re in! 

So YES, we definitely recommend this course. Yes, it is an investment but you get so much back for it! It has super great value and in our honest opinion: we think the course could even be priced more than it is! The profits we made because we did this course, even already made up for this cost. For us, it was absolutely worth the money.

Sign Up

We hope this review helped you with making the decision to take the next step in your blogging career!

Nomadic Matt’s Business of Travel Blogging Course costs $49 USD per month (it was $249 USD when we bought it so this is a great deal!). For this, you get lifetime access to the program with everything we mentioned above. The information + all the extras! Plus you’ll also get support and guidance from the world’s top travel blogger. Definitely worth the investment!

So, if we made you enthusiastic about The Business of Travel Blogging Course, then CLICK HERE to sign up!

Even after you bought the course, you still have 14 days to try it out. So, if you do the work and still don’t feel the course is good for you or will improve your blog, then Matt happily refunds 100% of your money! With that, there is no more excuse to not try it out!

We know that you don’t want to make this investment easily, so if you guys want even more information or have questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us! We can definitely help you!

The Business of Travel Blogging Course

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