Luxurious Stays with Maads in Cambodia

by Flip Flop Wanderers

Cambodia: a beautiful country with a lot of history. The ancient ruins in Siem Reap, where nature took back control over temples of the 12th century, and the capital, Phnom Penh, where you can look back on a very sad part of Cambodians history with museums and remembrances of the Khmer Rouge killing a quarter of their own people. Two places with completely different vibes but also a lot of similarities, like the friendly people and hot temperatures.

We visited this amazing country from the end of April and temperatures of 39°C (102°F) are very common around this time. You’ll definitely want a pool to cool off in after all the exploring, and there’s no better place to do that than in one of the amazing hotels of Maads. Maads offers properties all around Cambodia and most of them even have private pools. During our time in Cambodia, we stayed in three luxurious hotels of them and in this blog we tell you all about our experiences.

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Templation: An Oasis At the Gates of Angkor Wat

An oasis is how you can describe Templation the best. This luxurious hotel with one of the biggest pools in Siem Reap offers lush surroundings with a lot of tropical flora. Besides the huge pool, many of the living spaces also have a private pool. It’s the perfect base to explore the temples of Siem Reap and to chill afterwards!

The Villa

We were warmly welcomed with a welcome drink and could check in immediately. The staff showed us to our room, or shall we say villa! A door leads to a beautiful open yard with a private pool and a lot of tropical plants. On the right, we find our bedroom with a big outdoor bathroom with a huge bath which almost counts as a second private pool. On the left, there is another room, the living room with a comfy couch and a big sliding door on the poolside. This room includes a second bathroom. You might guess it: we never want to leave this place!


For complete relaxation, you can visit the spa for a massage. A complimentary massage was included in our stay and it was so good! Furthermore, the hotel also has a restaurant with delicious food. This is also the place where you can have breakfast, but since you have your private pool, why not have a floating breakfast in the pool? Yes, it’s a real thing! In the morning they brought us this floating tray full of morning fuel to start the day!

Pavilion: Tranquility in the Middle of Phnom Penh

As soon as you step into this hotel you’ll forget that you are in the middle of the city. Passing through the gate you will walk into the lush pool area, full of tropical plants. On the other side of the pool is the reception where we received a warm welcome with some welcome drinks and refreshing towels. The pool you see while entering is not the only one, on the other side of the reception you can find another pool area: the sun pool. This wide open area is perfect for sunbathing if you can bear the heat.

The Room

The hotel consists out of four-period buildings, and we had a spacious room in one of them, with a big comfy bed. Because 2 pools are not enough, our room also offers a private pool area with 2 beds for sunbathing and a sitting area. You probably can imagine that deciding which pool to jump in was quite hard!


At the lush pool area, there is a restaurant, where breakfast is served and where you can order a wide variation of pool bites and dinner. At the sun pool is a pool bar which offers cool drinks and also some snacks to help you through the day. Next to the reception is a spa area where we got another complimentary massage. Breakfast can also be served to your room, so we enjoyed a lovely poolside breakfast every morning, there is no better way to start the day!

Blue Lime: Citylife Hotel & Pool in Phnom Penh

Not far from Pavilion, and very close to the Royal Palace, is another great place to stay: Blue Lime. The location is perfect, in a quiet street but close to the buzz. With a large swimming pool where you easily forget that you are in a huge city, this is an ideal place to chill after exploring the city.

The Room

The hotel offers 23 room, and four of these have a private pool! We were lucky enough to stay in one of these private pool rooms. The room has a big window with seatings both inside and outside underneath this window. Opening up this window makes it perfect to chill from your room at the pool.


In front of the pool is a restaurant where breakfast is served. You can also order some snacks to enjoy here at the poolside or have a lovely dinner. Staying at a MAADS hotel in Phnom Penh has another perk, you can enjoy a floatation cruise and lounge on the river while having a nice dinner.

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As you probably understand after reading this blog, we really enjoyed our stay in these beautiful MAADS hotels. It was perfect to slow down after a lot of exploring in this beautiful country. The mixture of exploring and relaxing was just perfect to make this trip very pleasant.

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