Luxury Stay in Zeeland: Z’and Villas

by Flip Flop Wanderers
Luxury villa in Zeeland, the Netherlands with polder view

Zeeland: a province in the southeast of the Netherlands right at the sea! It’s one of the best beach destinations of the Netherlands and therefore very popular during summer by especially the Dutchies and Germans, but rather unknown by tourists from other countries. Since the Covid-19 restrictions were eased it allowed us to visit this area and to finally go to the beach! We went for a weekend trip and we had a luxury stay in one of Zeeland’s beautiful accommodations: Z’and Villas. In this blog, we tell you all about our luxurious stay in this amazing part of the Netherlands.

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Z’and Villas: Luxury and Peacefulness

Z’and Villas is the luxury label of Ruiterplaat Vakanties, a professional home rental organization with the best locations in Zeeland. The villa park is located in a dune area with great views over the polder landscape. Staying in the nature area makes it very peaceful, and the villas have everything to make it a luxurious stay. Even during these times of the pandemic, it’s a great place to stay since you have a stand-alone villa to yourself.


The office of Z’and Villas is located in the town Kamperland, a town in Zeeland which you will cross first before arriving at the actual villas which are located a little bit out of town, close to the beach. Since we were arriving in the evening the office was closed, but we could pick up our keys and information from the lockers at the office. The information provided was very clear. After a short drive, we arrived at the villa where we could park the car right in front of it and could let ourselves in to enjoy our stay.

The Villa

Our first response when we arrived in the villa was: wow it’s huge! With 4 bedrooms and 2,5 bathrooms we had plenty of space for the two of us, but also when you visit with 8 people (we stayed in an 8 person villa) there is plenty of space. The villa contains a big luxurious living room with a large couch, a big TV, and a fireplace for a cozy evening. There is also a big dining table and a kitchen with all the stuff you need. One of the bathrooms also had a Finnish Sauna in it, which is a great place to relax after a stroll on the beach.

At the rear side of the villa where we stayed was a big open terrace. There is even a little beach at the small stream that runs behind the villa. On the other side of the stream is a wide-open agricultural landscape and water birds are enjoying this peaceful place with you. This definitely is the perfect luxury stay in Zeeland!


The villas are self-sufficient, and you can find all the facilities within your luxury villa. Besides the big tv, the fireplace, and the Finnish sauna we already mentioned, there is also free wifi, a washing machine, and a dryer, a dishwasher and even though there is already a big fridge in the kitchen, there is an extra fridge/freezer combination in the storeroom so you can stock up on all your groceries and you won’t have to go out for shopping.

The Location: Perfect Spot in Zeeland

The villas are located close to the beach Banjaardstrand and also very close to the delta works Neeltje Jans. It’s on the most southern island of Zeeland, only a 20-minute drive by car from Zeeland’s capital city Middelburg. We were pleasantly surprised by visiting this city, we had no clue that this city was such a great place to visit. You can find typical Dutch houses over here and cute cobblestone streets. It’s also a short drive away from the town Domburg, a popular beach town in this area. We definitely recommend visiting this place! The whole area is great for walking, cycling, or driving around with plenty to see.

Beach of Domburg

Book your stay at Z’and Villas

Z’and Villas is a great luxury stay in Zeeland and they took the necessary precautions to make it a safe stay during this pandemic. If you would like to stay here as well you can book directly on this website where you get 10% off and if you use the code FLIPFLOP50 you even get €50 extra discount!

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We had a great time staying at Z’and Villas and exploring the great area of Zeeland, so we can really recommend this place. Let us know when you are visiting Zeeland someday!

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