Our First Lightroom Presets Are Now Live: The Ultimate Travel Collection

by Flip Flop Wanderers

We are very proud and excited that we just launched our first Lightroom Presets: The Ultimate Travel Preset Collection.  For over 2 years we have been working intensely on our photography skills and our editing style. That’s a long time, but we are perfectionists and have been changing our presets until we were completely satisfied. In this blog, we want to tell you a bit more about the presets we have made.

What Are Lightroom Presets?

For those of you that don’t know what Lightroom presets are, we will explain this to you. Lightroom is a photo editing program and it is used by many photographers. Nowadays there is a free mobile app as well, so you can even edit on your phone.

Lightroom presets are advanced photos filters and settings to edit your photos and make them look like a certain style, in just one click. We have created our own presets over the years to edit our photos, and they exist out of many different settings in lighting and color to achieve our unique look.

By creating these presets, we basically save our edits so that it can easily be applied to other photos as well. This way, we can quickly edit our photos in just a few seconds and create that WOW-effect on all our photos. By selling these presets we give you the opportunity to edit your photos in the same style as us!

To show you how this works, we created a tutorial on how to use our presets on your desktop. And you can find more tutorials about how to use it on your mobile phone here.

The Ultimate Travel Preset Collection: Tropical Feelings

Why Do We Use Lightroom?

Before we used Lightroom, we used Photoshop to edit our photos, which took a lot of time and work. Until we heard of Lightroom. Someone told us that Lightroom was way easier to edit AND organise your photos than Photoshop. As curious as we were we decided to check it out and, although it was really hard in the beginning, after looking into it we absolutely agree.

We didn’t know about presets back then. We edited all the photos one at a time. In Lightroom, we figured out that we can save the edits, and could easily reuse them. This saved us heaps of time. It has been a long learning process, but with many helpful videos online, we thought ourselves how to use Lightroom, and here we are now: in two years we grew a huge Instagram page with the best followers that look forward to seeing our photos every day!

Besides editing, Lightroom is also great for organising your photos. Before Lightroom, we had many folders with photos. We made extra folders with photos we could use for Instagram, or Facebook, or our blog. All these folders take a lot of space on our laptop because it saves the photo 2 or 3 times. Within Lightroom, you can create collections, like the folders we had, without actually saving them again to the computer. When we want to post them, we simply export them and delete them afterward. This way the photo is only saved in one spot on our computer.

The Ultimate Travel Preset Collection: City Scape

What If I’m an Amateur Photographer?

You don’t have to be a professional to use our presets. By creating them, the hard part of editing is already done, and you only have to choose the right preset. 

And let us tell you: your photos don’t have to be special or from great quality to edit them! Your photo can be taken with a cheap phone and from a not-so-exciting subject and still look amazing after editing! It’s what you make of it in the editing process. Of course, better quality (and therefore, more expensive) cameras and photos give more possibilities in the editing process, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create a well-edited photo with a simple photo from your phone. That’s how we started as well! In the beginning, we didn’t have an expensive DSLR or really good phone to take photos with.

We also didn’t travel that much yet and most of the time we just shot photos in the backyard to practice our photography and editing. It really is possible! If you never travel, then try to find some great subjects in your direct environment. You’ll be surprised at how much you can photograph if you really look for it. Look some photography and editing tips up on the internet and Youtube and learn! Just try it out and practice, practice, practice.

Also: YES, your photos are good enough to edit. EVERY photo is good enough to edit. An edited photo (almost) always looks better than an unedited photo, so yes, your photos are good enough! Besides, while editing a photo you’ll only learn more, also about taking photos, so you can never go wrong 🙂

Of course, the presets are also very useful for the more experienced photographers who want to lift up there editing game. They are a great base to start playing around with and to create your own look.

The Ultimate Travel Preset Collection: Color Pop

Ultimate Travel Preset Collection

So what is our first preset collection exactly? Our Ultimate Travel Preset Collection consist out of our 12 best presets so far. We will give you a variety of presets that work on every occasion, like one for your daily travel photos, one for greenery, one for sunset, one for night photos etc. The presets in this collection are the ones we use daily to edit all our photos and are our absolute favorites. 

We have waited for such a long time because we really wanted to optimize every preset for you to work on a great variety of photos. We tested them on our own photos, but also on photos that our followers sent us to test them on. Besides that, we found a test panel to try our presets, and they loved it!

The presets can be used on desktop (which works with Lightroom Desktop version) AND mobile (which works with the FREE Mobile Lightroom app). They are also compatible with both RAW and JPEG photos.

In the collection are the following 12 presets:

  • Travel Colors
  • Magic Sunset
  • Color Pop
  • Beach Days
  • Jungle Greens
  • Road Trippin’
  • Tropical Feelings
  • Night Life
  • Lush Waterfalls
  • White & Bright
  • City Scape
  • Vintage Vibes

For Who Are the Lightroom Presets?

This collection of presets is perfect for everybody who wants to take their photos to the next level and giving them that unique, colorful style we have created. With just one click, these presets will make your normal photos look amazing and consistent, with professional quality.

No matter if you are a beginner or already a pro, these presets are for you. You can use them to immediately improve your photo with 1 click, you can use them to finetune your own presets or you can use them to create your own editing style but just need somewhere to start: seriously, the possibilities are endless!


You can buy the Ultimate Travel Preset Collection HERE.

If you have more questions about our presets, you can read the FAQ here.

The Ultimate Travel Preset Collection: White Bright

Read all our other blogs about photography here!

So with these presets, and probably more to come, we want to give you the opportunity to easily edit your photos, so you can show them on your social media, create a beautiful photo album from your recent trip, or print them to hang it on the wall. Besides that, we want to inspire you to uplift your photography and editing game. If you are still in doubt if the presets work for your photos, you can send us one photo by email so we can edit it with our presets for you to show you the result.


Pin it for later

The Ultimate Travel Preset Collection: Pin It

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