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Learn How to Work Online!

How do we fund our lifestyle of travel? How do we make an earning online?


This is probably the question we get asked the most and now we have the answer for you: besides our influencer work and collaborations on Instagram we also do a lot of affiliate marketing!


And you can learn how to do it too!


We recently discovered an incredible online platform that teaches you all about setting up an easy website, getting a bunch of visitors to it and making money with affiliate marketing. And you know what the good part is? It’s all available for FREE!


Are you willing to create your dream life?

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    How to Earn Money Online in 4 Steps

    There really are only just 4 simple steps you need to take in order to start earning online with affiliate marketing:


    Step 1. Choose an interest

    What is your website going to be about? What are your interests? Maybe it’s travel like us? Your website can literally be about anything! And even if you have no idea yet that’s also fine because the platform will help you with this.


    Step 2. Build a website

    Ok, this might sound really hard and terrifying but it’s actually pretty easy to build a website nowadays! With the help of this platform you can do it in a few clicks for free!


    Step 3. Attract visitors

    With Google it’s super easy to attract visitors to your website for FREE. It’s actually really easy to write content on your site that will have Google sending you people to your website for free. If you really don’t know how don’t worry because Wealthy Affiliate will help you with that too!


    Step 4. Generate revenue

    So how do I actually make money with this website I built if I don’t have a product or service to sell? That’s where affiliate marketing comes in! People click on links on your site and if they buy something you get paid! Wealthy Affiliate helps you find companies to work with and how to earn money with these links.

    What Is Affiliate Marketing Exactly?

    Simply put, affiliate marketing is promoting someone else’s product or service through a website or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, for a cut of the profits. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to have products yourself!


    The only real question right now is: are you willing to learn and put the work into something that can potentially change your life forever? You can continue to search for other opportunities that are in the end or scam or they don’t really earn you anything as we did, or you can take action towards your dreams today! You just have to be able to say yes to yourself.


    Don’t let the fear of something new stop you from trying this out, especially because it literally costs nothing to get started.

    What have you got to lose?

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