Le Petit Hotel: Right at the Beach of Saint Martin

by Flip Flop Wanderers

The Caribbean island Sint Maarten or Saint Martin is a small island and yet it consists out of two parts: The Dutch side Sint Maarten and the French side Saint Martin. Each has its own government, although the Dutch side is an autonomous state of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the French side is actually a special part of French and therefore it’s also part of the EU. On the French side, right at the beach in the town Grand Case, you can find the beautiful boutique hotel: Le Petit Hotel. In this blog, we tell you all about our lovely experience while we stayed there.

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Le Petit Hotel

Le Petit Hotel, which means ‘the little hotel’ thanks to its name to the staff of the bigger sister hotel L’Esplanade. It’s the second hotel from the owners and since it is way smaller than their first hotel, the staff often referred to it as the little hotel. It might be a lot smaller but it’s just as amazing! It’s built in Mediterranean-style, something you’ll notice immediately when you step foot on the parking lot. They went all out with this style and that’s what makes it a really unique hotel on the island of Saint Martin.


The moment we arrived we were in awe with the looks of the hotel. We were welcomed by the friendly staff who explained everything. Normally they would show you the room as well, but in times of Covid, they were not allowed to go into the room while we stayed there (with an exception for the cleaners).

The Room

They may call it Le Petit Hotel, but the room was actually pretty big! Every single room of the 10 rooms has a balcony with an amazing sea view over Baie de Grand Case (Grand Case Bay). So did the Second Floor Deluxe Studio we stayed in. You could notice that they put a lot of attention into the details. There is a big king-size bed, a lovely bathroom with a rain shower, and a kitchen with a big fridge.

Facilities at Le Petit Hotel

The room offered already pretty much all you need for staying on a tropical island, but there is more. Every morning they brought us an in-room breakfast which we loved to enjoy with the beautiful view from the balcony. At the beach, in front of the hotel, you can enjoy the sun from a beach bed. The hotel also offers a free shuttle to the restaurants in the town.

As we said above, Le Petit Hotel is the sister hotel of L’Esplanade, an amazing hotel on a hill in the same town. When you stay at Le Petit Hotel you can also enjoy the facilities of its’ bigger sister, like the pool with swim-up bar, the spa, or the open-air yoga studio.

The Location: Grand Case

Le Petit Hotel is located in the town Grand Case, in the North West of the island in the French Part. The town is especially known for its big choice of great restaurants with mostly French chefs. There is basically one main road, which is one-way heading south. Most of the restaurants are located on this road, looking out over the bay. It’s also pretty close to Creole Rock which is great for snorkeling.

Book Your Stay at Le Petit Hotel

Would you like to stay at Le Petit Hotel as well? Click here to visit their website directly and book your next stay! 

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We had a lovely stay in this beachside boutique hotel. It was great we could visit the beautiful pool of L’esplanade as well. We would love to go back someday!

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