Ultimate Koh Kood Travel Guide: Tranquil Thai Island

by Flip Flop Wanderers

Island hopping in Thailand is a dream of many people, and that’s why most of the islands are always buzzing with tourists. There are still some islands in Thailand that are not overcrowded yet though, and one of them is Koh Kood. You can find this tranquil island on the eastern part of Thailand close to Cambodia.

We can call ourselves lucky that we had the chance to visit Koh Kood (also known as Ko Kut) not only once, but for a second time in May last year. Our first time was in 2013 when it was completely unknown to most people, and we were happily surprised that it still hadn’t changed a lot. There are a few more resorts and more and more people are coming every year, but the island is still very peaceful. So if you have the chance to go to this paradise island, do it NOW! You won’t regret it. In this blog, we tell you everything you need to know when you do visit this incredible island.

Chillin’ under perfect palm trees on Koh Kood



needed to see it all

Things to Know


Many passport holders won’t need a visa because they are allowed to enter Thailand with the Visa Exemption Rule. This means that you can visit Thailand as a tourist for 30 days. You can extend this visa with another 15 days when you arrive by plane or with 7 days when you arrive overland. This extension costs 1900 Bath ($62 USD). If your passport is not one of the 64 countries which are allowed to enter Thailand this way, you might be one of the 19 countries that are eligible for the 15 days Visa On Arrival. You can check the lists of countries here. If you want to stay longer than 30 days you’ll need to apply for a visa online. You can find more information and apply online via this website.


The climate on Koh Kood is described as a tropical monsoon climate. There are 2 seasons: rain season and dry season. From May to October, it is rain season and from November to April, it is dry season. The temperatures are almost the same all year round. During the day it is about 30˚C, at night around between 20-25˚C.

  Best time to visit

The months December, January and February are the driest months and also the best months to visit Koh Kood. The months before and after this time the weather is usually fine too so any time between November and April. We visited in May and had great weather too, but that’s not always the case.


The currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht. At the time of writing (July 2019) $1 USD is approximately 30 Baht. There are a few ATM’s on the island, but it is better to bring enough money from the mainland. 

A normal room with air-con starts from 1000 THB ($33 USD) but there are also budget and more luxurious options. For an average dinner you pay about 120-150 THB, but if you want western food you pay a bit more. 

You can count on a budget of about $25-50 USD per day on a reasonable budget.


The official language in Thailand is Thai, and it’s the same on Koh Kood. Most of the people here speak basic English too.


Almost all the accommodation options and restaurants offer free wifi and the quality is pretty good. If you want to be online everywhere you go you can get a sim card. The 3 main providers are AIS, DTAC, and True Move H. There are also special tourist sim cards that you can get at the airport or in tourist areas.


The majority of the Thai people are Buddhist. People here are really friendly and respectful. Disrespectful behavior towards the king is illegal so you should not talk in disrespectful behavior. Thai people are a proud folk and you can find the Thai flag in many places.

Getting There

To get to Koh Kood you’ll need to go to Trat first. It is a 5-5,5 hour drive by bus from Bangkok and costs between 300 and 350 baht. If you come overland from Cambodia you can take a minivan from the border to Trat (1,5-2 hours). From the bus station in Trat, you go by shared taxi to the Laem Sok Pier where you can take the ferry. There are 3 main ferry companies: Boonsiri, Ko Kut Express, and Koh Kood Princess. When you arrive by ferry, the ferry company will organize the included transport to your hotel. You can find the prices and time schedule here. Traveling in Thailand is easy. When you say you want to go to Koh Kood from the bus station in Trat they send you to the right person and they will fill up a pick-up style taxi until completely packed with people.

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Getting Around

The best way to get around in Koh Kood is by renting a motorbike. Most hotels offer scooter rental for their guests, and otherwise there will always be a scooter rental close by. The price for one day motorbike rental at the time of writing is 300 Baht, but if you take it for more days they will drop it to 250 Baht. You can always try to bargain to 250 Baht anyway. Don’t forget to ask for a helmet.

Must Sees

The Best Beaches

Koh Kood is a beautiful laidback island with some of the best beaches in South East Asia! We made a list of some of the beaches you can’t miss:

Ao Noi Beach

This beach features a beautiful pier. It’s located behind Ao Noi Resort and stretches pretty long. Small palm trees make the place look so lush and tropical.

Klong Chao Beach

This is one of the most popular beaches at Koh Kood and for a reason. It has a lot of palm trees and beautiful white sand. There are some expensive resorts located at this beach, so it can get pretty busy. There are lots of instagrammable spots on this beach like 2 perfectly horizontal growing palm trees with a swing in between them. This beach is also great for watching the sunset.

Ao Tapao Beach

Another beach that is great for watching the sunset is Ao Tapoa Beach. There is a long swing which is great to take some beautiful sunset snaps!

Ao Phrao Beach

We loved staying at this beach! It is in the South of the island and it is really quiet. There is a nice resort and you can find some hammocks in the water.

The Best Waterfalls

Besides the beautiful beaches, Koh Kood has some stunning waterfalls too! There are 3 waterfalls on the island. The most popular one is the Khlong Chao waterfall. You can go by motorbike to a parking place and a 15-minute walk will take you to this beautiful place. The other waterfall is Huang Nam Keaw waterfall which is pretty impressive too. The third one is Khlong Yai Kee. This one is only worth to visit around the wet season. During the dry season, this waterfall can be dry too.

Must Do’s

Rent a Motorbike

As said above, the best way to get around is by motorbike. Just drive around and explore all the roads of this beautiful island. There is seriously something beautiful around every corner! Keep an eye out for the beautiful palm tree roads everywhere. Also, make sure to wear a helmet, Koh Kood has many hills.

Relax On The Beach

One thing you cannot miss is relaxing on a beach. You are on a tropical island, this is what you came for. We made a list of the best beaches above, but if you want some real tranquillity you should visit Ao Phrao Beach.

Watch the Sunset at Ao Tapao or Klong Chao Beach

Is there anything more romantic than watching the sun disappear in the ocean and setting the sky on fire?! Didn’t think so either. Make your way to Ao Tapao or Klong Chao Beach to experience it for yourself.

Cool Down in a Waterfall

There is something special about seeing a waterfall, but it is even better if you can swim in it. When you get to Khlong Chao waterfall you’ll have to walk 15 minutes in the tropical heat, but you will be rewarded with a refreshing dip underneath the waterfall!

Paddle Around in a Kayak

Want more activities? Get yourself into a kayak and explore the bays of Koh Kood. Some accommodations offer you free kayaks, others might charge you a little fee.

Where to Stay

As told above, Koh Kood is not overcrowded with tourists yet. There are plenty of accommodation options though. There are not many budget options, but if you are looking for a nice resort there is more choice for you. The best area to stay on Koh Kood is Klong Chao Beach, but this also the busiest part of the island. If you want a bit of a quieter place, we suggest you stay somewhere a bit more north or south on the west coast of the island.

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Guesthouses / hostels on Koh Kood:

One of the few hostels on the island offers you bunk beds in a dorm room with fan.

Single bed from 300 Baht ($10) per night


This basic homestay with fans has a nice location next to a water stream. 

Double room with bathroom from 300 Baht ($10) per night

Mid-range resorts on Koh Kood:

There are multiple basic bungalows spread out in this garden. There is good wifi and airconditioning.

2 person bungalow from 1300 Baht ($45) per night


This resort also has multiple bungalows with air-con. It’s located close to the Khlong Chao waterfall.

2 person bungalow from 1380 Baht ($46) per night

Resorts on Koh Kood:

Located at a peaceful beach this resort offers beautiful villas to stay at. Besides the sea ,they also have a nice pool and they also offer villas with private pools. We stayed here ourselves and loved it!

2 person villa from 3000 Baht ($100) per night


This resort has nice bungalows with air-con spread out on a higher piece of land with many palm trees and a pool overlooking the ocean.

2 person bungalow from 3900 Baht ($130) per night

Where to Eat

What to Bring

Koh Kood is a tropical island, so you don’t need a lot. We would advise to not forget the following things:

      • Sunscreen & after sun lotion
      • Mosquito spray
      • Swimwear
      • Camera
      • Cash: there are a few ATM’s on the island but they don’t always work so bring enough money with you.

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We hope that these tips help you to have an awesome stay at the beautiful island of Koh Kood. We loved it both times when we visited and would love to go back someday.

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Travel in pictures October 14, 2019 - 4:36 pm

Hi, Splash beach resort Mai Khao Phuket is wonderful for families with kids.
It has a water park, sandy beach, infinity pool, kids club, kids pool, excellent facilities and more.
We enjoyed it very much, took many pictures and have many tips to share.

Flip Flop Wanderers October 15, 2019 - 11:20 pm

Sounds amazing! I bet a lot of families would love to check this resort out :)

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Sorcha November 21, 2022 - 12:54 am

Hello! It’s 2022 and I’m thinking of travelling to Koh Kood. Do you think it would be very over developed and busy now? I’m concerned about the crowds, obviously it won’t be Phuket, but lots of people might put me off.

Flip Flop Wanderers March 5, 2023 - 5:45 pm

Dear Sorcha,
Sorry for our super late reply!
Personally I think that Koh Kood will still be an amazing island to travel to right now! There will definitely be more development but I think it will be much better than some other islands in Thailand. I believe that there will be a lot of areas on Koh Kood that are still quiet! Have fun if you visit!

Laura January 12, 2024 - 11:54 am

This is really informative, thanks! Not sure many people actually have a motorcycle license though, so how would you advise people get around if hiring a scooter isn’t an option?


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