The 17 Best Instagrammable Spots in Venice, Italy

by Flip Flop Wanderers

Venice is probably one of the most tourist spots in Italy. It can get very crowded and that’s why we weren’t really interested at first to visit because normally we like to go to the more hidden and quiet places. The image we had of Venice was: busy, selfie sticks everywhere and overrated. We did see gorgeous photos on Instagram of the city though and because it was on our route from the Dolomites to Slovenia we decided to visit anyway. And oh boy, how wrong we were with our prejudices! Venice turned out to be one of our favorite spots in Italy. It was magical, very beautiful, the atmosphere was the best, and there were plenty of quiet and hidden instagrammable spots in Venice to be found! Why didn’t we visit sooner?!

In order to give you the best experience as well, and help you get rid of all your prejudices of Venice, we made this list of the best instagrammable spots in Venice. We’ll cover all the best photo spots, including insider tips, the exact Google Maps location of each spot, and especially when to visit them. This way you’ll get the best Instagram shots and experience them in a much more relaxed way and feel the magic of Venice like it’s supposed to be!

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Piazza San Marco

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.4342527681758, 12.338487974574479

Probably the most famous Instagrammable spot in Venice and with good reason. This popular square is just gorgeous with the big, detailed San Marco Basilica, the super high San Marco Campanile and the impressive Doge’s Palace. It’s the token spot of Venice. Be aware that you will never be alone here though, so if you want to take good photos you will have to come early!

When to go: definitely come here with sunrise! The light is just magical and, apart from some other photographers, it won’t be that busy yet.

Top tip: during sunrise make your photos next to the Doge’s Palace towards the canal, the lighting is most beautiful that way. Once it’s getting a bit later the sun will come up beautifully behind the San Marco Basilica, so during that time it’s most beautiful to take photos on the square itself.

Rialto Bridge

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.4381272150763, 12.33589799775277

The Rialto Bridge is another iconic Venice instagrammable spot and you simply can’t miss this one either. This bridge is so pretty and the whole day it’s swarming with tourists at the bridge but there are also some quieter spots to take your shots. The dock at the San Marco neighborhood side is a popular spot for photos but on the other side (the San Polo side) it’s much quieter and, in our opinion, way more beautiful! Immediately after you descend the Rialto Bridge, there is a sort of concrete platform/dock.

When to go: go here during sunrise or at least very early in the morning to have the spot completely to yourself and without tourists on the bridge. Or, for the best lighting, go at the end of the day during sunset.

Photography tip: on this stretch of the canal there is a lot of gondolas passing by, so wait till a gondola passes and then take the shot! It makes your shot so much more unique.

Gondolas at San Marco Square

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.433278968380954, 12.339925771167445

Along the banks of the San Marco waterfront there is this beautiful dock with rows of gondolas parked. It’s the perfect spot for photos with these iconic boats! The exact name of the street is Riva Degli Schiavoni.

When to go: go here very early in the morning, straight after sunrise, otherwise it’s swarmed with tourists. You’ll also have the chance that not all gondolas will be there because people are renting them.

Photography tip: take photos of the gondolas with a slow shutter speed, so they ‘move’ on your photo. This is a really cool effect!

Hidden Pier

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.43346247233479, 12.334907297752334

This pier is very famous on Instagram and one of the most typical and unique Instagrammable spots in Venice but it’s still not really discovered yet by the big majority. It’s a small pier that truly represents the beauty of Venice, especially when there is a gondola passing by! It’s not that easy to find though, so make sure to follow our directions. Walk to the Calle Largo from San Marco Square. Across the huge Gucci store there is a small alley where you walk into. Walk all the way to the end of the alley and then you’ll find the small pier on your left side. It’s right behind Hotel San Moise. You can find the exact address via the link above.

When to go: for the best lighting, it’s best to go later in the afternoon. Otherwise, the sun is shining directly on your face which makes for harsh shadows. If you want to have it completely by yourself though, it’s best to go very early in the morning.

Top tip: also here, wait until a gondola passes by for that unique Venice Instagram shot!

Bridge of Sighs

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.43419262504979, 12.340854397752665

The Bridge of Sighs is probably one of the most famous bridges in Italy and is therefore incredibly busy with tourists. The bridge right in front of the bridge will get very crowded after 9 am but luckily there are a few other spots from where you can get the best shots without people! One of them is two bridges away from the actual bridge. It’s away from the busy promenade and the view on the bridge from here is even better in our opinion! The name of this bridge is the Memoria Ponte.

When to go: go here very early in the morning as this is one of the major tourist hotspots of Venice. Preferably during sunrise or combine it with the San Marco Square and go here straight after sunrise.

Top tip: for a real wow-effect, wear a long dress which you can hang over the bridge. This looks really good in photos!

Photography tip: set up your camera one bridge away and then zoom in on the bridge where you are sitting on! This way, the actual Bridge of Sighs becomes much bigger in your photo and attention will get pulled there.

Beneath the Bridge of Sighs

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.433773286549716, 12.341109093102903

Another great Instagrammable spot to take photos of the Bridge of Sighs is right after you cross the busy bridge in front of the Bridge of Sighs and then turn left onto a very small concrete dock. From here you have undisturbed views of the bridge and you can even stand with it right next to the water!

When to go: same as above, go very early in the morning!

Top tip: wait till a gondola passes or another boat for that real Venice feeling.

Ponte Maria Callas

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.433496199852705, 12.333345255424986

This is definitely a lesser-known Instagrammable spot in Venice and a very unique place! Ponte Maria Callas is a beautiful white stone bridge where it’s gorgeous to sit on. The best spot to set up your camera is across the canal and then point towards the bridge. From that way you also have the tower in the background and if you are lucky, there are even gondolas passing by in the canal underneath! It can’t get more Venetian than that right?!

When to go: because this is in a quieter area of Venice and not really discovered yet, you can seriously visit any time of the day! We did notice, however, that the lighting was best a bit later in the afternoon.

Photography tip: try to zoom in a bit with your camera, so that the tower in the background becomes bigger.

Along the Canale Grande

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.43902124091001, 12.335612440080448

Literally anywhere along the Canale Grande makes a stunning Instagrammable spot in Venice, so just snap away wherever you see a perfect spot. But we have one spot that we really loved and we are happy to share it with you. The spot is right next to the Rialto Market, so also on the San Polo side, and very close to the Rialto Bridge. Just sit on the banks of the Canale Grande and you have the perfect Instagram shot!

When to go: literally any time of day is perfect to take photos here! During the day it’s beautiful to create a sunny summer Venice spot, but also during the night it’s magical with all the lights.

Top tip: there are a few old wooden pillars positioned in the water, which make a beautiful backdrop for your photos. It’s also beautiful if you position the small tower of a church on the opposite of the canal in your shot.

Photography tip: try to take some photos with a slower shutter speed, so that the water of the Canale Grande becomes more smooth.

Scala Contarini del Bovolo

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.43515325157138, 12.334688013097454

The Scala Contarini del Bovolo is an increasingly popular Instagrammable spot in Venice, and for good reason! It’s a beautiful tower that offers incredible views over Venice. The garden outside is already beautiful but you can take the most beautiful shots from the top of the tower.

When to go: when we were there, they only offered guided tours because of covid. So when you are on a tour it doesn’t really matter which time you go as you are dependent on tour times and will never be completely alone in the tower. Otherwise, it’s best to go immediately when they open, which is at 10 am.

Top tip: hang out of the windows of the tower and make your photo towards the beautiful view behind it. Instagrammable shot guaranteed!

Photography tip: tripods weren’t allowed when we were there so let someone else take your photo.

Ponte de La Verona

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.434606310071274, 12.33347019775262

Ponte de La Verona is a very unique and hidden bridge, which we hadn’t seen before on Instagram! From the bridge you have a view of the Scala Contarini del Bovoli and it’s a perfect spot to create a photo from a unique angle. Definitely one of the most beautiful and not yet discovered Instagrammable spots of Venice.

When to go: any time of the day will work for this spot!

Top tip: position your camera on the bridge and then point it down along the canals. It is beautiful if you go sit on the small wall next to the canal.

Bridge Next to SuSo Gelateria

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.43764728154139, 12.337780453049813

This bridge is a typical Venetian bridge with gondolas, cute houses and bridges. What makes this one unique is that right next to it is SuSo, the best Gelateria in Venice! Grab your ice cream, go sit on the railing on snap away! Typical Italian shot :)

When to go: it’s best to come here early as the gelateria can get super crowded. Lighting is fine any time of the day though.

Top tip: set up your tripod and everything before you get your ice cream as they melt ridiculously fast!

Ponte dell’Accademia

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.43180848921826, 12.328929255424926

The Ponte dell’Accademia is home to the most iconic view of Venice. Chances are that you have seen this view in one or more travel brochures. Even though we always love to visit the more hidden spots of a place, you just can’t leave the city without taking a shot from one of the most Instagrammable places in Venice ;)

When to go: any time of the day will work fine here. It can get crowded on the bridge though, so go here early if you want to avoid people.

Top tip: although this spot isn’t the best place to jump in a photo together, it’s still nice to just stand by the railing.

Santa Maria Della Salute from the Opposite Side

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.43180096017039, 12.332952568927944

Santa Maria Della Salute is one of our favorite basilicas in Venice, the building is just impressive! For the best view of this basilica, you’ll have to go to the other side of the Grand Canale. The most beautiful spot to take your shots is at the gondola station of Santa Maria del Giglio. This station is exactly on the opposite side of Santa Maria Della Salute. Go sit on the pier and you have your perfect Instagram shot!

When to go: definitely go here early in the morning. During the day the gondola station is opened and we don’t know if you can enter it without renting a gondola. So your best bet is to go here before they open and you have all the peace you want to take photos.

Top tip: make sure you also position the gondolas in your photo, as this makes for a perfect Venice shot!


Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.430039427420674, 12.325999353221462

Dorsoduro is a cute neighbourhood that looks a bit different than the rest of Venice but it’s very lovely. It’s much quieter over here but still one of the most pretty Instagrammable places in Venice. Dorsoduro is best reachable via the public Vaporetto. There are endless opportunities to take photos in the area but one spot we really loved was the opposite side of the Squaro di San Trovaso. There’s a narrow path that goes along the water with a small brick wall next to it. The wall is perfect to sit on for a photo.

When to go: since this area is never really crowded, you can visit it any time of the day.

Ponte Chiodo in Cannaregio

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.4428413295114, 12.3347163272007

Ponte Chiodo is the only bridge of its kind in the whole of Venice! This historic bridge is located in Cannaregio and is the only one left in Venice without balustrades. It’s truly unique which definitely makes it one of the most beautiful Instagrammable spots of Venice. The backdrop of the bridge is also stunning, so you shouldn’t miss taking a photo over here!

When to go: Cannaregio is a much quieter area of Venice but not less beautiful. It’s easy to visit this bridge any time of the day.

Top tip: wear a long dress or skirt that you can hang over the bridge, this gives a super nice effect.

Fondamenta dei Ormesini

Google Maps location: click here

Coordinates: 45.4453439259311, 12.32906304647579

As said before, Cannaregio is a quieter area of Venice but we actually love it! It’s more of a residential area where lots of locals live with plenty of restaurants and cafes along its canals, which is especially bustling at night. Live bands, happy people, a beautiful sunset, the cutest houses and music everywhere: what isn’t there to love about this place?! One of the most beautiful streets is Fondamenta dei Ormesini, right in front of the hotel we stayed at. The canal of this street looks super cute and there are lots of vantage points to take beautiful shots from.

When to go: if you really want it super quiet, then you should go in the morning or during the day. Otherwise, always go later in the afternoon and at night! This is the time when you can see the true beauty of this place and it’s also when the lighting is most beautiful. Sunset from Fondamenta dei Ormesini is stunning!

Top tip: take some shots on the small wooden bridge during sunset, the sun sets exactly between the houses. Another cute photo spot is alongside the canal with the wooden bridge in the background. And if you are done shooting, grab a pizza at Pizzeria Da Zorma and eat it alongside the canal!

Hidden, Small Canals

Besides all spots we mentioned above, there are lots of other small canals hidden all over Venice, which look super cute one by one. Just stroll around the many tiny streets of Venice and take shots wherever you like. You will find some of the most impressive Instagrammable spots of Venice this way. That is the true beauty of Venice!

That being said, there are a few cute little canals that we loved:

  • Calle del Caffetier -> location here
  • Bridges close to Scala Contarini del Bovolo -> location here
  • Beautiful canal at Frezzaria -> location here
  • Love Bridge -> location here

When to go: just go any time of the day to explore all the beautiful streets and canals of Venice!

Top tip: just go with the flow. Walk around, grab an ice cream and enjoy the beautiful city of Venice. By just relaxing you often stumble upon the most beautiful photo spots! You will find some of the most impressive Instagrammable spots of Venice by just strolling around.

Where to Stay in Venice

There are lots of great places to stay in Venice. If you want to be close to all the attractions, it’s best to stay close to San Marco square. However, you will pay a very high price for it. Hotels aren’t cheap in Venice and that’s why we actually advise you to find a hotel a bit out of the main tourist hotspots, except when you have an ultra-high budget. We recommend staying somewhere in San Polo, Dorsoduro or, our favorite area to stay, Cannaregio. The last regio also has a bustling nightlife and great restaurants which makes it the ideal base to explore from!

Find all hotels in Venice here!

Haus Ormesini

Haus Ormesini is the hotel we stayed in and we absolutely loved it! The hotel has a few luxurious rooms, there is a cute outdoor patio and there’s even a kitchen. We felt immediately at home in this house. The hotel is located right in the heart of Cannaregio, with the best restaurants right at your doorstep. It’s also very affordable priced! You can book your stay at Haus Ormesini via their own website or book it via

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We hope that this blog will inspire you to visit all these amazing Instagrammable spots in Venice! There’s truly a lot to discover outside of the tourist areas and we are sure that you guys will enjoy it! Leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you have visited any of these places.

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Mario May 12, 2021 - 2:09 am

Wauw, mooie foto’s en mooie plekjes!

Flip Flop Wanderers May 18, 2021 - 9:04 pm

Dankje! Venetië is heel erg mooi :)

Angelo Serra May 26, 2021 - 8:32 pm

Unfortunately Instagram is flooded with pictures of people in all of the same spots. Same. Same. Same. Branch out – there are many beautiful places in and around Venice and away from these over-photographed spots. I wouldn’t call these “Instagram able” but maybe “Instaboring” or “Instasheepable”

Flip Flop Wanderers June 7, 2021 - 12:05 pm

Hi Angelo,
We agree with branching out to more undiscovered spots and actually love that a lot. If you look further on our website and our Instagram you’ll also see that we mostly do this. We don’t often go to the very touristic places and love to venture off-road and to the hidden spots. We actually have a blog series called ‘Hidden treasures in…’ because we want to focus more on the unique, hidden, and less-photographed places.

For our Instagram post blogs though, we want to give a complete picture of a place and also show people the spots that are popular and worth it for photos. Because yes, we loved all these photo spots in Venice a lot and we do still recommend them to others. That these places are overphotographed doesn’t mean they are “instaboring”! They aren’t hotspots for nothing and they are still amazing.

Did we like the tourists? No, not at all! That’s why, with almost every spot, we recommend coming very early during sunrise. That’s what we did and it gives a whole completely different vibe than during the day. We also visited during Covid so we might not got a representative image from what it normally looks like. During our visit, everything in Venice was quiet and it didn’t feel like these spots were overphotographed at all. And even though these spots are crazy popular it’s also about finding unique angles and be creative with spots that are already photographed a million times!

In the end, this blog represents our experiences. These are some popular spots that we saw in Venice and liked. We know there are lots more places in and around Venice that are less photographed because we saw them as well and were super happy with that! That’s why we’re also planning to write a hidden treasures blog about Venice soon.


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