Discover the Hidden Treasures of Milos by Boat

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The beautiful island Milos, part of the Greek island group the Cyclades, is mainly known for its many soft rock caves and hidden bays. The island is almost divided in two because of a large bay in the middle of the island, and that´s the reason why most visitors only explore the northern part of the island, which has some amazing places. But there is more, a lot more. It is incredible to discover Milos by boat!

At the south side of Milos, you can find the famous Kleftiko caves, hidden away in a bay where pirates used to hide back in the days, completely off sight and only reachable by boat. And that´s only the tip of the iceberg because there are so many other hidden treasures to discover. We went out there, together with Pol from Polco Sailing and we had an amazing trip! We´ll tell you all about it in this blog!

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Boarding the Boat From Milos’ Main Port

In the morning we meet Pol and his crew in the main port of Milos: Adamantas. We board with a small group of people on the sailing boat. We immediately notice that the 3 man crew is a close team together which is very good for the atmosphere on the boat. It’s all pretty relaxed and casual, and although we didn’t know anyone from the group, it feels like we are on a cruise with close friends.

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To really discover Milos by boat, we quickly get out of the bay. On our way we can already enjoy some cool rock formations where Milos is famous for while we set sail to the first stop, Kalogries, where we can have a swim in the crystal clear waters. He promises us that this is just the start, and it’s nothing compared with the other stops we are going to make. For that reason we soon continue sailing and go south via the west side of Milos.

Milos by Boat: Caves, Hidden Bays, and More Caves

The second stop is an impressive one. We anchor in a bay and with a dingy (small motor boat) we visit the biggest cave of the Milos: Sykia. The roof of this cave collapsed, and via a small entrance, you sail into a big salt lake. Inside you can jump off the boat on the secluded beach. There is also some time to snorkel in the bay where we anchor.

We sail around the corner to the south side of the island and we hide the boat in the most impressive part of the whole of Milos and the reason why everybody wants to experience Milos by boat: the Kleftiko Caves! It’s so hidden away that pirates used to hide away here. We jump into the dingy again and sail through the many small caves. Some are so low that we really have to duck low in the boat, but the water is calm and on the other side of the cave will be another amazing view. We do some cliff jumping and after the dingy ride, there is some time to swim again through some of the most amazing caves.

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The Best Greek Food

In between all this swimming and boating, we also have some of the best Greek food! All prepared by the crew themselves, they serve a delicious lunch. And beside some Greek food, there are also some Greek drinks of course, because a Greek experience isn’t complete without Ouzo. Food and drinks were included, so you don’t have to worry about your inner self, they really take care of everything! This is the way how you really experience Milos by boat!

After the stop at the Kleftiko caves there is one more spot on the south side of Milos we set sail to: Gerakas Bay. There is one last chance to enjoy the crystal clear water before the tour finishes. We were in low season, so we sailed back all around, but during high season you will be dropped off a shore and you’ll be brought back to Adamantas by car, which is only a short ride.

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Where to Stay

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Great hotel with luxury swimming pool with an amazing view over the bay and harbour. Bit further out of town.

Double room from €70 per night


These simple rooms are super close to the town centre and are an amazing budget place to stay.

Double room from €45 per night

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We honestly had the best time on this boat trip around Milos. We saw so many incredible views which you can only see by boat. The team was so nice and took great care. We could notice that they loved their job and did a lot of effort to make sure that we wouldn’t forget this trip. It is one of a kind!

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