El Zafiro Sint Maarten: Beach Days at Simpson Bay

by Flip Flop Wanderers

Even during the pandemic, we were able to visit the beautiful island of Sint Maarten. This small island in the Caribbean is famous for its low flying airplanes at Maho beach, so we were really stoked staying at El Zafiro in Simpson Bay, very close to Maho beach. The hotel was actually right in between the airport and the beach which is an amazing experience. In this blog, we tell you all about our stay here.

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El Zafiro Sint Maarten

El Zafiro is a boutique-style hotel with beautiful luxurious suites overlooking Simpson Bay on one side, and the airport on the other. Maybe being close to an airport doesn’t sound appealing to you, but in Sint Maarten, this is a different story. The tiny airport is located directly at the beach and it’s simply amazing to see the planes landing on the short landing strip.


We landed on Sint Maarten late in the afternoon, and after we picked up our car we drove straight to the hotel for the check-in. It’s only a short drive. The lady at the reception explained everything and showed us the amazing suite we were staying in.

The Emerald Suite

The suite we were staying in was the Emerald Suite. The room was huge, er was a big lounge, a huge tv, and a huge comfy bed. The best part of the hotel was the big balcony with relaxing chairs, a palm tree right next to it, and views over the beach and the bay. The room came with an iPhone for your stay with information and phone numbers you might need.

Facilities at El Zafiro

At El Zafiro you can enjoy a lovely cocktail at the bar which is located right at the beach. There is also a restaurant which offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are beach beds in front of the hotel to enjoy the sun and the sea from underneath a palm tree.

The Location: Simpson Bay

El Zafiro is located in one of the most beautiful bays of Sint Maarten: Simpson Bay. It’s actually located on the far west end at Beacon Hill which is pretty secluded to the rest of Sint Maarten. Therefore the beach in this area is not overcrowded at all. You are also very close to the famous Maho Beach where the planes come straight over. It’s actually on the drive over from the airport towards El Zafiro. It’s a death-end area and at night Beacon Hill has a guarded boom gate so it’s a safe area to stay.

Book Your Stay at El Zafiro Sint Maarten

Are you interested to stay at El Zafiro Sint Maarten as well? Click here to go to their website directly, or book via booking.com.


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We had a lovely stay and really enjoyed the beach and the airport views. Hope you’ll like it as much as we did.

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