Always Power on the Go: Bluetti AC60 Review

by Flip Flop Wanderers

In these modern times everyone uses their phone and other gadgets while on the go. Unfortunately these electronics die pretty quickly and what is more annoying than not being able to check Google Maps on your phone or take photos with your camera while you’re on an adventure?! Luckily power stations exist nowadays so you don’t every have to be without power anymore. Charged through a variety of ways and some of them super portable, these portable power stations will be your essential item for all your travels!

In previous blogs we already told you about the Bluetti AC200P, the Bluetti AC200MAX, and the Bluetti AC180 which are superb portable power stations. Bluetti has been releasing quite a few portable power station models lately to fit a wide range of deployment solutions and that’s why we’ve written so many blogs about them. And what if we tell you that now the new Bluetti AC60 is even more portable but still delivers enough power?! The Bluetti AC60 is just released in Australia and has 600W power, a capacity of 403Wh and is even water resistant!

Why a Portable Power Station?

With today’s digital climate, everyone uses electronic devices all the time. You probably need them for work, to play games, to keep in contact with friends and family, for taking photos and just all your everyday tasks. To say it’s frustrating when you run out of power is an understatement, so portable power stations are here to change that. Even when you do have power but there is a sudden power outage, a portable power station will come to your rescue.

Why would you be without power while traveling? With a portable power station, like the Bluetti AC60, you can charge your electronics literally everywhere you go and whenever you want, so you will never run out of power again!

The Bluetti AC60 Portable Power Station

The AC60 is an all-weather solar power station from Bluetti. Equipped with a 600W inverter and a 403Wh LiFePO4 battery, the AC60 offers a high level of protection, faster charging, extreme portability, and expandable capacity. It is designed to meet the growing demand for a reliable and mobile power source for outdoor use. Equipped with 7 different outlets, the AC60 can charge various devices, even 1200W ones with its Power Lifting Mode. It’s even IP65 rated to protect agains water and dust, making it usable for literally all adventurous needs.


The Bluetti AC60 is equipped with a 600W pure sine wave inverter for most essentials during your travels. It also comes with a Power Lifting Mode to deliver up to 1200W output.

With AC60’s 7 outlets, you can run all your electronics simultaneously. It has two 120V AC outlets and 2 5V USB-A ports. Furthermore it has a USB-C port with a maximum output of 100W, one 12V DC outlet, and a wireless charging pad capable of delivering up to 15W.

Battery Capacity

The AC60 comes with a 403Wh LFP battery that can power several devices in a row. 

As input charging you can use four options: AC adapter, solar panels, car adapter or a generator. The AC60 supports solar charging up to 200W. It is widely compatible with various solar panels.

The AC60 has three charging modes, including silent mode (160W), standard mode (255W), and turbo mode (600W). It can be fully charged at 600W in as little as one hour using the included turbocharging adapter. In silent charging mode, the unit reduces its sound from 45dB to 40dB, so soft that it can hardly be heard even in confined spaces such as a room or tent.

While 403Wh may be plenty already, the power station can last much longer with the expansion B80 battery. With two B80 batteries, 806Wh per pack, the AC60 can have a maximum capacity of 2,015Wh! The B80 battery uses the same reliable LFP cells, the most stable and safest battery for energy storage.


This portable power station is surprisingly compact at 8.6 kg and with its size of just a small cooler of toolbox. It can easily fit into tight spaces and be moved around thanks to its folding handle. The perfect adventure companion!

With the intuitive BLUETTI App, everything happening in the Bluetti AC60 can all be controlled and monitored from a distance.

Water & Dust Resistance

The Bluetti AC60 portable power station has a IP65 rating for water and dust resistance. Its internal structure is significantly upgraded: its circuits are isolated from the fan vents. In addition, its plugs, including the patented AC outlets, are sealed from the inside out with rubber plugs for maximum protection and safety. That’s what makes this power station the perfect power source for various outdoor adventures such as boating, camping, and hiking.

Efficient Power Saving

Featuring an advanced ECO mode, the AC60 will automatically shut off if no loads are connected to save power. For powering small loads, AC and DC outputs can be adjusted separately to 10-30W and 5-20W respectively on the BLUETTI App. That can reduce its self-consumption and keep it running for 1-4 hours. Moreover, it has ultra low stand-by loss when not in use.

Key Features

  • 403Wh capacity, enough for on the go
  • 600W AC Output – 1200W Power Lifting Mode
  • Ultra-durable LiFePO4 battery cell, features over 3000 times charge cycle
  • Support up to 200watt solar input
  • Flexible 4 recharging ways (AC/Solar/Car/Generator)
  • 7 different outlets, a versatile all-in-one power solution
  • IP65 rated water & dust resistance, no more worries about rain or dirt
  • Capacity boosting possible with the B80 expansion battery – up to 2015Wh
  • 0-80% recharging in 45 mins
  • Compact at 8.6 kg and with folding handle
  • Has a Silent Charging Mode, operating below 40 dB
  • Smart Control & Monitor with BLUETTI App

Specs of the Bluetti AC60


Rated Output Power: 600W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Surge Power: 1200W

Typical Capacity: 403Wh(18Ah)

Cell Chemistry: LiFePO4

Dimensions: 290mm × 205mm × 234mm

Net Weight: 9.1 kg / 20.06 lbs

Max. Solar Input Power: 200Watt

Max. Input Power: 600Watt

Charge Life Cycle: 3000+ to 80%

Operating usage temp.: -20℃-40℃ / -4℉-104℉

Warranty: 6 years

What Is Different With This Portable Power Station Compared to Others?

  • The AC60 is rated IP65 for water and dust protection. Its air ducting system is independent and vacuum coated with a protective layer and its plugs are sealed from the inside out with rubber plugs for maximum protection and safety.
  • This power station is extremely lightweight and portable compared with others with this power capacity. It has a compact size and weighs around 8.5 kg and has a folding handle for easy movement.
  • It has an advanced ECO mode, designed to save power.
  • The portable power station can be expanded with the Bluetti B80 battery to have up to 2015 Wh of power!

Power On the Go With the Bluetti AC60

The Bluetti AC60 is made for traveling and outdoor activities! While some of the Bluetti power stations we discussed in earlier blogs deliver quite a bit more power, they are very heavy and hard to carry around. They are mainly designed to stay in one place in, for example, a campervan. That all changes with this new power station from Bluetti! Because of its compact size, roughly the same size as a shoebox, and surprisingly light weight, you can literally take it everywhere you go. No need to only keep it inside your car, you could even take it on small hikes with you. And what’s best, it’s even weather-proof so you won’t have to be afraid of a little rain, mud or dust anymore! And with super fast charging, you can stay powered for long periods in the wild. This really changes the game while traveling and we know that we will be using it a lot on our future adventures. Especially with always needing our phones nowadays and doing a lot of work while being on the road, power is essential wherever we are. If you are the same and want to make your life much easier, then this bad boy is the perfect solution for you!

What We Love About the Bluetti AC60

What we love the most about this new Bluetti AC60 power station is above all its water resistance! Whenever you are traveling you’ll meet a lot of different weather situations and it’s not always possible to get to a dry place immediately during a rain shower. How good is it that you don’t have to protect this power station against the rain?! We noticed that, during a rain shower, the Bluetti AC60 still worked flawless without any protection from the water!

The other thing we love is that it’s super portable. Yes, the power capacity is a bit less than its predecessors but it still packs enough power for our adventures. With 8 kg it’s possible to take this power station everywhere we want and literally have power everywhere we go!

These two main differences from other power stations makes this a perfect power station for all our adventures on the road. It has all the options you’ll need!

General Tips

We have some tips for you to get the best out of your portable power station:

  • Always power the power station correctly on and off.
  • Keep the power station clean and always check if everything is still working correctly.
  • Keep your portable power station mainly in one spot. They are not made to carry around the whole time but are great to keep in one place at the campground or in your car or campervan.
  • Portable power stations take a while to charge, so start on time!
  • Charging with solar panels takes more time but the advantage is that you can do this anywhere as long as you have solar panels!

Get your Bluetti AC60 HERE!

Portable power stations are perfect whenever you need power on the go, especially the Bluetti AC60 because it’s lightweight and rated IP65 for water and dust protection, making it the perfect power source for all your outdoor activities. Once you experience the versatility of this power station you never want to go back!

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