Camping Gear Must-Have: Bluetti AC200P Review

by Flip Flop Wanderers

Everyone knows that camping requires you to go back to the basics. Often you have not many luxuries around you, you are sleeping in nature and there isn’t always electricity. This last part can be pretty frustrating when you are off the grid, especially when you are also working along the road or just use your phone or other electronic devices a lot. And let’s be honest, with today’s digital climate everyone needs their electronic devices all the time right?! But it doesn’t have to be like that! Nowadays, there are portable power stations that make sure you have power right when you need it. Not quite a generator, these portable power stations are the perfect solution to keep your power tools, phone and other electronics charged and running smoothly.

Our favourite one is the Bluetti AC200P, which is a 2000watt, 2000wh portable power station that is even solar-powered. In this review, we’ll go over the exact details of the Bluetti AC200P and tell you why you need it for your next camping adventure!

Why Do You Need a Portable Power Station?

With today’s digital climate, everyone uses electronic devices all the time. You probably need them for work, to play games, to keep in contact with friends and family, for taking photos and just all your everyday tasks. To say it’s frustrating when you run out of power is an understatement, so portable power stations are here to change that. Why would you be without power while you are camping? With a portable power station, like the Bluetti AC200P, you can charge your electronics literally everywhere you go and whenever you want, so you will never run out of power again!

The Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station

Bluetti AC200P is a 2000watt, 2000wh portable power station for all kinds of daily power needs. It’s the perfect power supply for campers, explorers, van-dwellers or any off-the-grid life. The Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station is truly one of the most reliable portable power sources that you can get on the market, and that’s because of its enormous power capacity, many options for powering and charging devices, and it also has an intuitive screen that allows you to view stats as well as controlling a few functions for the Bluetti AC200P.


There is a ton of power to use with the Bluetti AC200P. It has a 200Wh power capacity, which means this is the equivalent of putting together twenty small portable power stations that may only use a single AC outlet.

There are a total of seven ways to use the power of Bluetti AC200P and you are able to charge and power 13 devices at the same time. The power station has four USB-A ports and a single USB-C power delivery port. It also has two 12V/3.0A DC ports, a 12V/10A DC car port and a 12V/25A DC outlet. Lastly, it has 2 AC outlets with a shared 2000W power output and it even has two wireless charging pads at the top!

As input charging you can choose between five options: AC adapter, car adapter, solar panels, a gasoline or diesel generator or using Lead Acid batteries.


Power stations are going to be large and heavy. That’s the case with this AC200P that is a large block that weighs about 57 pounds. Even though the power station is large, it’s easy to use with everything being quite organised with its placement. To add to that, there is a Touch LCD screen that power stations, in general, don’t use at all.


The build quality of this power station is good, especially on the inside because there is a fan that has a low and high-speed setting depending on the output and temperature of the internals. On the outside, the AC200P power station is also built well, but it’s not a rugged power station, at the same time it can still take bumps and light falls.


This is a very reliable power station, it has high power capacity, many charging ports, and most notably the six three-prong AC outlets with a 2000W combined power output. Being able to power six appliances at the same time can be dream-like if you’re someplace where you don’t have access to a stable source of power.

Key Features

  • 2000Wh massive capacity, meet the power needs of an average family for a day
  • Rated 2000Watt AC output, surge 4800Watt, power almost all daily loads without breaking a sweat.
  • Ultra-durable LiFePO4 battery cell, features over 3500 times charge cycle.
  • Support up to 700watt solar input, built-in MPPT controller for higher solar charging efficiency.
  • Smart touch display, brings more information and convenient than ever.
  • Up to 13 ports, a versatile all-in-one power solution
  • Dual wireless charging pad for the latest phones, accessories.

Specs of the Bluetti AC200P


Rated Output Power: 2000Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Typical Capacity: 2000Wh

Cell Chemistry: Li-ion LiFePO4

Dimensions: 16.5*11*15.2inch(420*280*386mm)

Net Weight: 60.6lbs(27.5kg)

Max. Solar Input Power: 700Watt (MPPT)

Max. Input Power: 1000Watt

Charge Life Cycle: Up to 3500 to 80%

Operating usage temp.: 32-104 ℉ (0-40 ℃)

Warranty: 24 Months

Camping With the Bluetti AC200P

As you all might know, we have been camping A LOT when we were young in Europe but also together in Australia and New Zealand, when we owned our own campervan. We never had a power resource like this one, as we would sometimes use power from campsites, but mostly we were just without power. And let us tell you: it was annoying! Especially since we were starting out with our Instagram and really wanted to build it by being active but without power, we weren’t really able to be as active. Also, we took so many photos that we had to put them on the laptop every single day but this also wasn’t really possible. How we wish that we would have a portable power station like the Bluetti AC200P! It would have made our life SO much easier.

Bluetti AC200P is just perfect for camping. A great size to take with you in the car or campervan and enough power to keep all your electronic devices, including a fridge, fan or lights, charged! It’s quite heavy though so not really suitable to carry with you all the time but perfect for on the campground or to keep on the same spot inside your car or campervan. As a family, you can easily use the power capacity for at least a day. And with the ease of charging the power station through a car charger or solar panels, you can even charge it while on the road!

What We Like About the Bluetti AC200P

  • Its massive power capacity – enough to keep you powered up for at least a day or two!
  • The touch LCD screen – makes it very easy to control some things within the power station.
  • The great build quality of the power station.
  • The 13 different ports – so many choices to power up your gear!

General Tips

We have some tips for you to get the best out of your portable power station:

  • Always power the power station correctly on and off.
  • Keep the power station clean and always check if everything is still working correctly.
  • Keep your portable power station mainly in one spot. They are not made to carry around the whole time but are great to keep in one place at the campground or in your car or campervan.
  • Portable power stations take a while to charge, so start on time!
  • Charging with solar panels takes more time but the advantage is that you can do this anywhere as long as you have solar panels!

Get your Bluetti AC200P HERE!

Portable power stations are what makes camping so much easier nowadays and we wish we had one while we were camping in Australia and New Zealand. In our opinion, the Bluetti AC200P is one of the better ones on the market. It has everything that you would want a power station to feature with its high power capacity, many charging and powering options, and innovative design. If you are looking for a power station that is capable of doing it all, then the Bluetti AC200P is it.

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Disclosure: This post is created in sponsorship with Bluetti. We received compensation as a thank you for our participation. We test each product thoroughly and give high grades to only the very best. We are independent bloggers and reviews are done based on our own opinions.

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