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Two people sitting in front of their campervan on the beach with a portable power station

A dead phone, batteries of your camera that you forgot you recharge, warm drinks when you are away.. we think all of you have experienced at least one of these things before. Especially during traveling, it’s so annoying when this happens and you really need your phone or camera ASAP for all the content you want to create! Luckily there are portable power stations nowadays that give you power everywhere you need it, even with super-fast charging. Especially with summer coming up, we can guarantee you that you won’t wanna live without one anymore on all your outdoor adventures!

In previous blogs we already told you about the Bluetti AC200P and the Bluetti AC200MAX, which are amazing portable power stations, but what if we told you that now there is an even more portable power station on the market?! The Bluetti AC180 is the newest addition to Bluetti’s collection and will launch this spring (2023). This portable power station has 1800W rated power, a capacity of 1152Wh, and is designed to be more portable than its predecessors, with a handle for easy carrying. In this review, we’ll share the exact details of the Bluetti AC180 and show you why you need it for your travels!

The portable power station Bluetti AC180

Why a Portable Power Station?

With today’s digital climate, everyone uses electronic devices all the time. You probably need them for work, to play games, to keep in contact with friends and family, for taking photos, and just all your everyday tasks. To say it’s frustrating when you run out of power is an understatement, so portable power stations are here to change that. Even when you do have power but there is a sudden power outage, a portable power station will come to your rescue.

Why would you be without power while traveling? With a portable power station, like the Bluetti AC180, you can charge your electronics literally everywhere you go and whenever you want, so you will never run out of power again!

The portable power station Bluetti AC180 on a tree trunk

The Bluetti AC180 Portable Power Station

AC180 is the newest portable power station of Bluetti. With enhancements all around, including a 1,440W super-fast charging rate, 1,800W continuous AC power, and up to 2,700W lifting power, the Bluetti AC180 meets all your power needs, whether being used as an emergency backup during sudden power outages at home or as a power supply for outdoor travels.

However, with the advanced bi-directional inverter and smaller battery pack, the new AC180 is significantly lighter and more portable than the existing models we previously wrote about, AC200P and AC200MAX. This makes it perfect for traveling and it’s an exciting release for outdoor enthusiasts. Bluetti AC180 comes with the creative imagination of this market compared to its predecessors.


The Bluetti AC180 is equipped with a 1,800W pure sine wave inverter, which is suitable for most of your outdoor uses. It also comes with a Power Lifting Mode to deliver up to 2,700W output to effortlessly run high-powered devices like hair dryers or mini ovens.

The Bluetti AC180 includes a range of output ports to power all your devices. It has four 120V AC outlets and four 5V USB-A ports. Besides that it has a USB-C port with a maximum output of 100W, a 12V DC outlet, and a wireless charging pad capable of delivering up to 15W.

Battery capacity

Take AC180 as a mobile power source, with only one single charge, its 1,152Wh of capacity is able to power your necessary devices throughout the day.

Thanks to the highly efficient charging of up to 1,440W input, recharging this unit from 0 to 80% only takes 45mins! The remaining 20% may take 1.3-1.8 hours to complete, but if you need to power your camera gear FAST than this is perfect! Recharging is possible with an AC wall outlet, 12v DC car port, or solar panels.

Solar generator

The Bluetti AC180 allows a max of 500W solar input, which is quite impressive for a portable power station of this small size. The solar generator works perfectly with solar panels such as Bluetti PV200 and PV350, making solar energy available whenever and wherever the sun shines. A full charge will take about 2.8-3.3 hours in full sun, which extends your outdoor hours without worrying about power shortages!


Bluetti AC180 includes two very sturdy handles in the case, making it super easy to carry the portable power station around. While the power station is not super light (about 16 kg), there shouldn’t be a problem with moving the unit around. Perfect for your outdoor adventures!

Operating the Bluetti AC180 is made easy by its built-in LCD display. It also displays the current battery charge, power in and out, and other essential settings.

With the intuitive BLUETTI App, everything happening in the Bluetti AC180 can all be controlled and monitored from a distance

Key Features

  • 1152Wh capacity, enough for all your gear
  • 1800W AC Output – 2700W Power Lifting Mode
  • Ultra-durable LiFePO4 battery cell
  • Support up to 500watt solar input
  • Flexible 4 recharging ways (AC/Solar/Car/Generator)
  • 0-80% Recharging in 45Mins with 1,440W AC Input
  • Smart Control & Monitor with BLUETTI App
  • Eco-friendly/Clean/Quiet/Cost-effective
Portable power station Bluetti AC180 with solar panels

Specs of the Bluetti AC180

Model: BLUETTI AC180

Rated Output Power: 1800Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Battery Capacity: 1152Wh

Cell Chemistry: LiFePO4

Dimensions: 340mm × 247mm × 317mm

Net Weight: 17 kg / 37 lbs

Max. Solar Input Power: 500Watt

Max. Input Power: 1440Watt

Charge Life Cycle: 3500+ to 80%

Operating usage temp.: -20℃-40℃ / -4℉-104℉)

Warranty: 5 years

What Is Different With This Portable Power Station Compared to Others?

  • It has a Power Lifting Mode so you can charge all your high-powered devices up to 2700W output.
  • This is the first portable power station with a UPS function. This seamless function enables the power to convert in the blink of an eye during unexpected power outages. This means the device can sense when a blackout occurs and automatically takes over as a power source for whatever is plugged into it. This helps avoid data loss or hardware damage to the computer. 
  • The AC180 is significantly lighter and more portable than existing models, with its advanced bi-directional inverter and smaller battery pack.
A man walking through the forest carrying a portable power station

Traveling with the Bluetti AC180

While portable power stations of this size are not suitable for backpacking and plane travel (also because they are not allowed on planes due to their capacity), the Bluetti AC180 is perfect for all your adventure and road trips. Great to take with you in the car to always have power on the go. When you go on short walks, it’s possible to carry the power station with you, or even while camping, especially when staying on free campsites that often don’t have power. With the Bluetti AC180, you can save a lot of money by always staying on these cheap or free campsites and still have all the power you need! Seriously, we wish we had something like that when we were camping in Europe, Australia, or New Zealand! Especially if you are a content creator, you just need to have power wherever you go and the Bluetti AC180 is the perfect solution. You can easily use the power capacity for at least one or two days and with the ease of charging the power station through a car charger or solar panels, you can even charge it while on the road!

Two people sitting in front of their campervan on the beach with a portable power station

General Tips

We have some tips for you to get the best out of your portable power station:

  • Always power the power station correctly on and off.
  • Keep the power station clean and always check if everything is still working correctly.
  • Keep your portable power station mainly in one spot. They are not made to carry around the whole time but are great to keep in one place at the campground or in your car or campervan.
  • Portable power stations take a while to charge, so start on time!
  • Charging with solar panels takes more time but the advantage is that you can do this anywhere as long as you have solar panels!

Get your Bluetti AC180 HERE!

Portable power stations are perfect for on the road or while traveling, especially the Bluetti AC180 since it’s much more portable. This power station is the best for your outdoor activities and still has everything you would want, with its 1152Wh of capacity and efficient charging. Once you get a power station we believe that you never want to be without it anymore!

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