The Best Curaçao Activities at LionsDive

by Flip Flop Wanderers

When you think of Curaçao the first thing you think about is probably the most amazing white beaches with clear blue water! It is simply incredible, and therefore the perfect place for a beach holiday. But if you don’t want to lay on the beach for 2 weeks there are also plenty of other activities to do at Curaçao. Think about snorkeling, diving, hiking, all kind of water sports, ATV & buggy rides, beach parties, and much more. It’s an island for all kinds of travelers. When we think of Curaçao we think about all of the above. A great place to experience all of this is LionsDive Beach Resort. In this blog, we tell you all about staying at LionsDive and the Mambo Beach area.

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LionsDive Beach Resort

For us, LionsDive Beach resort was a place where you can have a token Curaçao holiday experience. You are right on a beautiful blue water beach full of palm trees, and from our Ocean Front room, we could enjoy it from the moment we opened our eyes in the morning until we closed them again in the evening. Some of the reasons that this hotel gave us that token Curaçao holiday feeling is the location and the facilities. We will tell you more about that, and about the awesome activities that you can do in the surroundings next!

The Location: Mambo Beach

The location is simply perfect, right at the end of one of the longest stretches of a beach on the island: Sea Aquarium beach, better known as Mambo Beach. It’s one of the most popular beaches in Curaçao because of all the beach bars and the boulevard with many shops and restaurants. Mambo Boulevard is fairly new, and a bit more modern than most places on the island of Curaçao.  If you are looking for a holiday with a lot of life surrounding you that’s the place to be. LionsDive Beach Resort is located at the southern end of the beach, so even though you are 2 steps away from the buzz, it is a little less crowded than the center part. Therefore the private beach has a relaxed and not overcrowded atmosphere and there is not much noise at night.


LionsDive Beach resort offers many facilities to make your holiday complete. Firstly, the private beach where you can enjoy the sun and a cocktail or two. Do you rather jump in the pool? There are two! And one of them is actually a 50-meter long pool that looks out over the Caribbean Sea.

Besides that, there are more sports facilities like a gym and the scuba dive school Ocean Encounters. They offer trips to the best dive sites around Curaçao by boat, but you can also do a shore dive right in front of the hotel. We went on a double boat dive with Ocean Encounters and they took us to one of our most beautiful dives we did on the island at Sandy’s Plateau. Diving is just one of the best activities you have to try when you are in Curaçao.

But you are on holiday, so you want to relax as well. The perfect place to do so is the Spa at LionsDive. They offer several massages and treatments either in the indoor spa or under a cabana on the beach with the calming sound of the Caribbean Sea.

Furthermore, there are also 4 restaurants at the resort and a beach bar which we tell you more about in the ‘Best Places to Eat’ section.

The Best Curaçao Activities


Like we mentioned above, one of the best Curaçao activities is scuba diving. Curaçao is surrounded by many reefs and dive sites and the coral and the tropical fishes are simply amazing!


Thinking of Curaçao, hiking wouldn’t be the first thing that pops your mind, except for climbing the highest peak of Curaçao: The Christoffel mountain. But hiking is getting much more popular on Curaçao and there are many trails that will take you to beautiful views. In the Mambo Beach area you can, for example, walk around through the ‘mondi’ (bush) towards the Jan Thiel salt flats. Ask at the reception about which route to take. You can even walk all the way to Jan Thiel because there is a tiny stretch of land that separates the salt lake from the sea.


It’s often one of the reasons people go on holiday, to relax. Like we said above, there is a private beach at LionsDive beach resort and a beach spa. Enjoy it!

Beach Parties

A cocktail, wine, or beer in your hand and your toes in the sand! Curaçao offers many good beach bars with chill vibes. Going to a beach party is therefore a popular activity to do in Curaçao. They do happy hours like it’s meant to be. Most of the beach bars have their own day(s) when they offer happy hours and it’s a happening which attracts many people every time again! At Mambo Beach there are multiple beach bars, all in walking distance. Chill Beach bar is located in the resort and it looks really nice with the hundreds of colorful signs. Along Mambo beach you can also find the beach bars: Bonita Beach, Madero Beach (also known as Mambo beach), and Cabana beach.

Best Places to Eat

There are plenty of dining options! Lionsdive has four restaurants on the resort and at the Mambo boulevard you’ll find even more! At the resort you will find Piazza, an Italian restaurant next to the 50-meter pool. Moreover, Nemo Sushi & Wok is where you can enjoy Japanese dishes. On the beach will find the popular Hemingway restaurant. This is also the place where breakfast is served. During the weekend there is often live music at Hemingway and they have multiple days with happy hour! Lastly, you can enjoy beers, cocktails, and BBQ dishes at Chill Beach Bar & Grill.

At the Mambo Boulevard are all kinds of restaurants! From a real Dutch snackbar to Sushi, and from a pizzeria to a steakhouse, there is plenty to choose from.

Book Your Stay

Book your stay at LionsDive Beach Resort If you are just as excited about this place as we are you should definitely visit their website and book your stay! Or you can book via Curaçao will welcome you with open arms.

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We had a great time during our staycation at Lionsdive Beach resort and we did some of the best activities in the area to make the most of it! Hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as we did!

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