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We are Bram (36) and Manon (34), a Dutch travel couple, and are the content creators behind Flip Flop Wanderers.

Our Story

For as long as we can remember we love to travel. As a small child Manon went on holiday with her parents every school holiday, and also Bram regularly went on holiday with his family. In 2010 we met each other at a festival and in 2011 Manon traveled far away for the first time: having an internship in Curacao. So far she is still very happy that she has taken on this challenge. It changed her life completely! After 2,5 months Bram came to visit Manon in Curacao, we made a trip through the US and the rest is history: we really got the travel bug!

After this trip we only wanted to travel more and more and in the years that followed we travelled almost non-stop, we made a world trip from September 2013 till May 2015 and even a second one for three years from October 2016 till October 2019. During these trips, we came to realize that we don’t want to live the 9-5 for the rest of our lives and that we aren’t interested in following the same path as everyone else. That’s why, right now, we are still travelling full-time and are not planning on stopping soon! We’ll see what comes our way and who knows, we may even find our dream place during our travels where we want to stay and live. Because living in the Netherlands for the rest of our lives isn’t something we see happening.

During our travels, we prefer to go to the most diverse destinations. Jungle, mountains, nature and adventurous destinations attract us, but also beautiful white beaches and tropical islands. We love to search for undiscovered places and regularly venture off the beaten path, showcasing less travelled countries to the rest of the world. Our favourite destinations so far are: New Zealand, Philippines, the Pacific Islands, Greece and the Caribbean.

Manon happy at Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary

Who’s Manon

Born with the travel bug and always a camera in my hand: that’s me, Manon! As a small child I was always making pictures already and I knew that I wanted to do something with it when I was ‘old’. However, I first did my Bachelor of Education, because I like to work with children as well! Now that we are traveling full-time I am more focusing on photography, editing and writing blogs. I’m definitely the more creative one of us! Traveling is something I always did with my family and Curacao only fed my wanderlust even more. No wonder I choose this full-time travel life with the love of my life!

Bram chilling on Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park, Australia

Who’s Bram

See that cool dude? That’s me! When I met Manon, I caught the travel bug too! I already had plans to go on an internship in Australia, but plans changed and after I ended up in Curacao with Manon, I knew for sure: we are going to discover many more places together! And we did! To be on the road, exploring beautiful places and the freedom is what I love the most. And when you’re always traveling with someone that’s really enthusiastic about photography, then you’re gonna love it yourself as well. I now love to help out with the blog and to edit our videos.

About Flip Flop Wanderers

Flip Flop Wanderers is a couples travel blog geared towards long-term, slow travelers on a constant pursuit of happiness.

From our passion for travel, photography, and writing we started Flip Flop Wanderers in August 2016. For a long time already we had the idea to start a blog about traveling, but when we started our second world trip, we finally made it a reality. Flip Flop Wanderers was born!

Why ‘Flip Flop Wanderers’?
Simply because we love warm places and prefer to walk on flip flops every day during our travels!

With Flip Flop Wanderers we want to inspire you to live your dream life. We want to show you how beautiful this world is and that everyone can discover it, even for long-term with little money. Bust most of all, we want to spread love and happiness. We want you to live a life that makes YOU happy, by looking at your inner self and the beautiful world around you. Even if you don’t feel happy right now, know that also YOU can live the life you have always wanted. We only get once chance at this life, so go chase your happiness!

We are big fans of ‘slow travel’ and would like to show you that by doing this you can really experience a country, its culture, and the local life. We want to teach you how to deepen your travel experience by staying longer in one place, using ‘slow’ transport, and connecting to places and people through cultural experiences and spending time in nature. Hereby we always search for the unknown and hidden places and we try to reflect that in our blogs.

Our strength lies in the fact that we are relatable, tell authentic stories, and keep everything real.

On this website, we are mainly focusing on long-term slow travel, undiscovered places, warm destinations and travel photography. We want to share our travel knowledge with the world, by means of practical travel tips. You will find travel guides of the places we visited, itineraries for a perfect longer and slower trip, hotel reviews, the best instagram spots around the world, tips on how to work abroad or also live the digital nomad lifestyle and so much more. All this with a personal and honest, real touch. We hope you can really learn something from our experiences.

Our goal is to help you make your travel dreams come true, live your best happy life, and enjoy the earth’s most beautiful places at a ‘slow’ pace!

Go where your dreams take you

Social Media

Besides this website we are also active on social media. Follow us on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook for the latest updates! Every day we post a minimum of 1 photo on Instagram. We also have a Youtube channel, where we put our travel videos on. As a photographer Manon tries to develop herself more and more and she does this under the name Nonneke Photography. Also have a look at her photography website and portfolio!

Have any questions or suggestions? Or looking for a collaboration with us?

Where We’ve Been:

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